Select blog list module for EasyBlog

Select blog list module for EasyBlog

Over the weekend someone came up to me requesting for a module that displays a list of entries in a pull down list. I gave it a thought and felt that it should really be useful for site's that want to allow easier navigation for visitors.

I managed to pull this off quickly and the module is now available for free and is download-able from our downloads section.


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  1. Kai jensen

Great work! This is something to take a closer look at :)

  1. Alex Smirnov

Hi Mark,

This little tidbit looks very handy indeed. You just spoil us rotten, honestly! Thank you very much to you and the team for another gem you pulled out off you hat.


Alex Smirnov

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  1. Mark

No problem Alex :)

  1. kai

Hi Mark, this is a handy module, but it do not sort on tags?

Please take a look, i cant figure whats wrong?

Best regards Kai

  1. Mark

Sort on tags? Sorry don't get you here. You should post them in the forum :)

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