Get EasyBlog 5 Alpha Now

Get EasyBlog 5 Alpha Now

Hey guys, most of you may have noticed that I have been missing from the forums and blogs for quite a while and the time has finally come for me to get out of my coding cave =) . EasyBlog 5 Alpha is now available for you to download and play around with it on your test site. You can get your hands on the best blogging extension for Joomla!


Why did it took a while?

Some of you have been wondering about the delay of this release and I hope that I would be able to answer most of your inquiries here. Developing EasyBlog 5 was a really tough task because we need to develop a better and much more intuitive blogging extension than what is out there and we're competing against ourselves (EasyBlog 3.9) since it was the best blogging extension for Joomla out there.

We've done over 20 different UX / UI changes over this period and we are extremely satisfied of the results that we have achieved in EasyBlog 5 Alpha. This is where most of our time are spent.


What's an Alpha release?

In software development, we have a number of releases prior to the full, public version. Alpha version is the first release; though the software is usable, it is only for testings and is not to be installed on live site. This is due to the fact that Alpha version contains bugs that might be minor, or major.

Having said that, EasyBlog 5 is currently in Alpha and it will contain bugs. We know most of you would ignore this but I strongly urge you to refrain from installing the Alpha release on a live site!


What will be available in EasyBlog 5 Alpha?

Due to the fact that we have quite a number of blocks, we want to have control over these blocks to be tested to ensure that we can focus on what is important first. Some of these blocks might not be available in this first Alpha release. Should you wish to try out the omitted blocks, you can do so via our EasyBlog 5's Demo Page.

You may take a peek at our release timeline here.


Issues Tracking

We have also opened up the issues tracker area for EasyBlog and you may submit bug reports to our EasyBlog 5 Issue Tracker page here.


Will this Alpha release be available for me?

As long as you have a valid subscription with us, you are entitled to access the alpha release as promised. If your license has already expired, fret not! The EasyBlog renewal license is still available. This coupon code will end in approximately 48 hours. This coupon code will entitle you to a whopping 35% discount from the renewal price. That said, Enjoy EasyBlog 5, the future of Joomla Blogging Technology =)


On a side note, EasySocial 1.4 and 2.0, here we come....
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