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EasyBlog 5.0.16 Available Now!

EasyBlog 5.0.16 Available Now!

It has been a hectic week for most of us this past 2 weeks and it was due to the initial release of EasyBlog 5 where we have been introducing a revolutionary way for authors to compose blog posts on the site. Having that said, it wasn't as smooth sailing as we expected but I guess this is just life; we need to learn from our mistakes and adapt accordingly.



The release of 5.0.16 introduces several important refinements and usability issues. The first noticeable improvement is the way post covers are being configured on the site. Based on the feedback which we have gathered, there is one important functionality that is missing from EasyBlog 5 and that is the configuration for your post covers. Now, with the latest release, you'll be able to configure them right from the settings without adding any CSS codes.


Automated truncation for the new composer editor has been a nightmare and I personally find truncating by blocks does not makes much sense when it comes to using it. We have decided to switch the way truncation works and you can now truncate contents by characters. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_close_composer_dialog.pngLet's face it, there are times where we might accidentally click on certain parts of the page and it would be pretty darn annoying if you accidentally click on the close button of the composer. With this update, EasyBlog will now display a popup confirmation to ensure that the user really want to exit the system.


View Full Changelog Here →


Upgrading from EasyBlog 3.x to 5.x

Some users were confused as to how they are able to update to 5.x. Since 5.x is a major milestone for EasyBlog, you can't update using the existing updater in 3.9.x. To upgrade from EasyBlog 3.x to 5.x, you cannot run the existing updater on 3.x. You need to follow the guide to upgrade here.

View Upgrade Guide Here →


Renewal Discount

For a limited time only, get a 20% discount off from your EasyBlog's renewal. To get the discount, key in this coupon code on your checkout page :


The coupon code is only available for renewal purchase and is currently available for a short period of time so it's best if you make haste and take advantage of this coupon code.


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Awesome job Mark, two of these changes are a great bonus to EB5. Accidently clicking the close button was my biggest fear of the potential issues I was thinking on. In addition to this, adding the cover settings is another good idea.

Thanks Josh! Appreciate your insights on this

rtl ?

RTL is already available on the wireframe theme. RTL support for composer is still under progress

Nice !

Thanks Peter

Is the cover photo an option available on each blog post? Or is this a global option? My opinion is that it should be blog specific because different blogs will typically have different content and will be portrayed differently. For example a Featured Blog might have a canvas/full width cover where as a normal blog might have a 1/2 width right/left aligned image.

Hey James,

Most of these settings are configured within the menu now. In other words, if you create a menu called "blog" which you want to display the cover photo, you can configure this menu item to display the cover photo. If you have another menu say, "News", and do not want the cover photo to appear, you can also configure it to do so

That is great news Mark.

Mark, demo site is down...

Regarding the menu, I don't understand.
What if I want on my "blog page" to have the leading article on the page of available articles to have a canvas/fullwidth style image but all blogs below it to have normal view images?


It's fixed now Hm, not really sure if I understand you here, but you can use css to play around with the width The menu options are pretty similar to Joomla articles where you can configure which part of the blog posts are shown on the listing view.

I have a pretty good idea of how what James is asking for can be done. But I do wonder if the cover version (see screen shot) is cropped via CSS instead of the actual image itself?


James, feel free to contact me about this if you need help. Stackideas has a generous amount of classes for specific modifications.

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Josh Lewis Josh Lewis

This is what I am talking about: http://yootheme.com/demo/themes/joomla/2015/bento/index.php/pages/blog-featured

Notice the top blog image is full width making it more visible. While the others below it are less visible.

Hey James,

Sorry for the delays, got a little shorthanded during this festive season and I was occupied with the support. I think that is a different layout / theme altogether and with some simple tweaks with the css and customization of the html codes, it would be possible

The German translation isn't complete yet. May it be possible that to help translate it?

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Tobias Tobias

Hey Tobias,

Sure, any help is welcomed and if you wish to assist us with the translations, contact us at https://crm.stackideas.com


Tried to update but on the admin, I got this:

Software Is Up To Date
Installed Version: 5.0.11
Latest Version: 5.0.16

Hey Sebastien,

You will need to download the latest launcher from http://stackideas.com/dashboard and install it because there is a bug in the "built in" updater for versions prior to 5.0.16

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Mark Mark

You will need to download the latest launcher from http://stackideas.com/dashboard and install it because there is a bug in the "built in" updater for versions prior to 5.0.16

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