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OSMap plugin for EasyBlog now available for download

OSMap plugin for EasyBlog now available for download

How's it guys? I would like to just post a quick update on the new OSMap extension for Joomla. We have just released a new OSMap plugin for EasyBlog 5 which works on Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. OSMap is the new new Xmap if most of you aren't aware of this yet and if you are still using Xmap, do yourself a favor and head on to to download OSMap.

What's next for us? We have been extremely occupied with the release of EasySocial 1.4 recently and we just got the party started with EasySocial 2.0, EasyBlog 5.1 and EasyDiscuss 4.0. We will be posting updates about our progress in our blog soon.

You may download the OSMap plugin for EasyBlog for free by clicking on the button below.

Download OSMap for EasyBlog


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Hi Mark . You guys are doing a great job!! I hope we can see an upgrade for ED sooner then later

Thanks Bright

Cant wait to read next updates !


ED 4.0, whoaauuu that sounds fancy ;-) Way the go team!

Any news on updates for the Wanderers template?

Thanks Benoit We have already just updated Wanderers, what issues do you have with the template?

Just updated, looking perfect, thanks

Do you also support JSITEMAP? When xmap starting falling apart I migrated to JSITEMAP and am happy enough with it.

Thanks, Sean Carney

I use Jsitemap too and its just great, its compatible with ES 1.4 and EB 5.

I believe JSitemap alredy has it's own integrations with EasyBlog eh?

I guess that is true ! :-)

Do you have any docs for installing / setting this this plugin up?


It's as simple as downloading and installing it via your Joomla extensions manager

Thanks it working
forgot to enable the plugin

No problem

Thanks for creating this plugin, just installed it!

Hi Guys,

the download doesn't work, most probably because it contains Joomla v 1.5?;task=download&tmpl=component&joomla=1.5&mode=free&extension=plg_osmap_com_easyblog_5

Can you pls update the link?
Many thanks

Is there a working link for this yet?

Guys, try download the Osmap Easyblog plugin from our download page here.

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