Updating EasyBlog with the latest version with the automated updater

Updating EasyBlog with the latest version with the automated updater

We have recently just noticed that there is some issues with the automated updater in EasyBlog if you are using version 3.7.14091 or lower. In order to update to the latest version using the automated updater, you will need to download the patch file.

To begin, download the file below. Then, extract it and upload the file into /administrator/components/com_easyblog/views/updater/ and overwrite the view.ejax.php file.

Patch file

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.


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  1. Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

if my subscription expired. Does it automatically update?

  1. Mark

Sorry, but unfortunately it does not :( You need to have an active subscription to continue enjoying these benefits.

  1. Benoit Dion

...I don't have the folder "updater", should I create it...? ...Im using Version : 3.7.13778

  1. Mark

Hm, that is strange. You should have that folder. It's in /administrator/components/com_easyblog/views/updater/

  1. Benoit Dion

...Oups my bad, I when right to the component folder instead of /administrator/...



  1. Mark

Ah, not a problem :)

  1. Toryalai Hart

I missed this and already wrecked my EB installation with the automatic updater. Downloading the full version for reinstall over old. Once completed (assuming that EB recovers), do I still need to apply the above patch?

  1. Mark

Hello Tory,

Nope, you do not need to re-apply the patch if you have already re-installed the latest version :)

  1. Kyle Luis

I also got the solution for my problem i will not re apply the patch.


  1. Mark

Hello Kyle,

Please submit your issues on our forums and we'll be glad to help you check on this :)

  1. SB

I have the following version version: 3.7.14091
The installer gets stuck at 5% even after applying the patch file. Please check this issue.

  1. Peter Böhm

You must download com and install 3.7.14179 manually, there is a known bug 14091 and some earlier.

  1. Mark

Yep, Peter is right :)

  1. Andrew Heritage

I have tried first the update from within Joomla, then I put in the patch file and finally I have tried directly installing it. None works. On trying to install it using the Extension manager I get the error "There was an error uploading this file to the server"
Any advice would be really appreciated!

  1. Mark

Hey Andrew,

It's most likely due to the php upload limit. If you are still stucked, submit a ticket at htttps://crm.stackideas.com and we will check this for you.

  1. Rob Kivit

I have overwritten view.ejax.php but the installer still stuck at 5% so can't upgrade from 3.7.14091 to 3.7.14169. Any suggestions ?

  1. Mark

Hello Rob,

Can you please create a new ticket at https://crm.stackideas.com ?

  1. Bob Jefferson

I tried to upgrade from 3.7.14091. Installer stuck at 10%. Overwrote view.ejax.php file as instructed and now have the following fatal error:

require_once(/home/porty21/public_html/media/foundry/2.1/joomla/bootstrap.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/porty21/public_html/administrator/components/com_easyblog/controllers/controller.php on line 82


  1. Mark

Hello Bob,

Please submit your questions in our forums at http://stackideas.com/forums or our priority support which is located at https://crm.stackideas.com and we'll investigate this :)

  1. john


I have upgrade easyblog from 3.9 to latest. after upgrade module manager is not working. Also I can't able to edit the existing modules.

  1. Mark    john

Kindly please use our proper support channels to post your support requests :)

The correct place to post your questions / support inquiries is at http://stackideas.com/forums

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