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ConverseKit 2.0.1 with Dark Mode Available Today

ConverseKit 2.0.1 with Dark Mode Available Today

Today, we are proud to announce the availability of ConverseKit 2.0.1. Read on to learn more.

鈥婻edesigned User Interface

Our team of designers redesigned the interface in ConverseKit from the ground up to give it a modern look and feel.

Dark Mode 

ConverseKit 2.0 also incorporates a new settings to toggle between the all new dark mode or the standard mode. 

Giphy Support 

Giphy Support in ConverseKit

Giphy support was added into EasySocial 3.2 and we have also ported it over into ConverseKit. You can now insert Giphy images into your conversations!

Performance Improvements

While redesigning the interfaces, we have also added changes into the core to improve it's performance. You will get a much faster rendering time with ConverseKit 2.0.

Joomla! Updater Support

Joomla Updater

With ConverseKit 2.0, you can now use the Single Click Updater in Joomla! to update. Updating ConverseKit will now be a breeze!

Update to ConverseKit 2.0

As there's isn't a Joomla updater for ConverseKit 1.x, you will need to manually upgrade to ConverseKit 2.0 . To manually update, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Head over to to download the latest version of ConverseKit
  • Upload the installer via Joomla's Extension Manager
  • Ensure that ConverseKit plugin is published


Comments (11)

amazing looks and feels great. Is known, when a darkmode would be available general for templates?

Thank you We do not have an ETA on the templates.

Demo was down:

0 - Joomla\Filesystem\File::delete: Failed deleting inaccessible file 1.joomla_update.php

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by ssnobben ssnobben

We have not updated the demo site yet, but it looks like there's some errors on the demo site. It has been fixed now.

Very cool. Now you guys need to add a public chat room, and the ability to create chat rooms on the next update. That would be amazing.

Great idea !
Nice work

It's a good idea and you should post them under the feature requests section for ConverseKit :)


Hello team, I have a question about the new version of ConverseKit 2.0.1
Is the "User is typing" feature now displayed in chat?

We do not have such a feature currently as this would require frequent polling and would be very taxing on your site. Also, most hosting companies would not allow long polling either

StackIdeas is awesome for us, any extension from them.. what we can say is wow and wonderful...

I just want to know more about the Audio and Video calling.. Are they in your plan or not?

thank u..

Thanks! We don't have those plans at this point of time, as our priority is to creating a desktop app

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