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ConverseKit 2.0.5 & Desktop 1.0.4 Released

ConverseKit 2.0.5 & Desktop 1.0.4 Released

We have released an update for ConverseKit and ConverseKit Desktop to address some minor issues from the prior release.

ConverseKit v2.0.5

These are the changes in ConverseKit this release:

  • 🆕 Added new settings for ConverseKit to use single polling requests for Desktop REST API
  • Improve performance for push notifications
  • Fixed issue with contacts rendering when friends are disabled in EasySocial
  • Updated user experience for file downloads on ConverseKit interface
  • Updated links in dark mode to be more visible
  • Read the full changelog here

To update the plugin, download the latest from our site and install it just like how you normally would. Everything will remain intact.

ConverseKit Push Notifications App for EasySocial v1.0.3

Apart from the fixes above, we have also released a new version of the push notification app to address several performance issues with push notifications.

ConverseKit Desktop v1.0.4

In this release, we have addressed a critical performance issue on certain hosting environments (with cpanel) where it slows down the entire website when server-sent events are being used. With the update to ConverseKit 2.0.5, the latest ConverseKit Desktop will now use multiple polling requests by default unless explicitly enabled.

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