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ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.2 Available Now

ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.2 Available Now

We have released another update for ConverseKit Desktop to address some issues in the Desktop app.

These are the changes in this release:

  • ? Added new registration button on login screen which can be configured in Odin
  • ? New filters in contacts tab to filter between Friends or Others when site allows conversation between everyone
  • User last online timestamp will now be the same as the web
  • Contacts are now paginated to speed up the loading of contacts
  • Badge indicator will now be reset when user logs out from the app
  • Conversations are now paginated to speed up the initialization process
  • Message timestamp will now be set to the timezone of the local computer
  • Searching for contacts is no longer case-sensitive

Updating ConverseKit & ConverseKit Push App

Before building your app with Odin, please ensure that you also installed the latest version of ConverseKit v2.0.3 and the Push Notification App for ConverseKit v1.0.2 as we have also updated the app to address a timestamp issue.

Updating Desktop App

To update the desktop app, all you need to do is to head over to Odin to build the latest release.

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