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ConverseKit Desktop 1.0 & ConverseKit 2.0.2 Available Today

ConverseKit Desktop 1.0 & ConverseKit 2.0.2 Available Today

This is a very hectic week for us with so many releases! Today, I would like to announce the immediate availability of ConverseKit Desktop and Odin, our application builder.

ConverseKit Desktop 

ConverseKit Desktop

 If you have missed our post earlier on ConverseKit Desktop, here's a refresher to keep you updated. 

ConverseKit Desktop allow users to download the apps on their desktop and run the app directly on their desktop.

Dark Mode Included ?

Just like the web, the app also includes a dark mode which users can switch to easily.

Odin - The Application Builder  ?

Odin is a web application that helps you manage your builds of the desktop app. 

Creating a build for each of the platforms with Odin will be a breeze!

Odin General Settings
Odin MacOS Settings

Managing Builds

Managing builds in Odin

Conventionally, apps are built from command line (CLI) but with Odin, we have completely removed these complexities.

You can build your desktop app for MacOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux right from Odin.

Translations Made Easy ?

Translations in Odin

Translating your app is even easier with Odin. You can translate it right from the web without modifying any files at all. 

ConverseKit 2.0.2

Apart from the Desktop App, we have also released ConverseKit 2.0.2 to address several issues below:
  • Fixed message not being formatted correctly when push notifications are being sent to the Desktop App
  • Addressed issue with emojis not appearing on the REST API
  • Addressed issue with attachments not appearing in new messages
  • Fixed issue with the textarea width in the conversation composer

  Getting ConverseKit Desktop

For users who have pre-ordered the app, you will now see the license on your dashboard and you can access Odin through the "Manage" button.

For those who have not pre-ordered yet, we will be offering an early bird promotion with a discount of up to 15% for the next 3 days only. You may use the coupon code CKAPP

ConverseKit Desktop will retail at $299 and it includes 6 months of priority support and updates!


Comments (19)

Good job.
Are we limited in the number of languages for translations?

Don't quite understand what do you mean here. The app only supports a single language at any given point of time.

So this App can not be translated in more than one language and is thus not suited for multilingual websites

Yes, currently the desktop app can only handle a single language.

Does "currently" mean we can expect multilingual translation "soon" ?

Looking at the codes, it looks possible but I can't guarantee that we will be able to add it "soon" and to be honest, your definition of "soon" is different than mine

"soon" was between brackets because I was hoping by the end of 2020, but know you scare me not 2025

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Supporter Supporter

If that is the case, it will be sooner rather than soon hah

Can this work without ES?

It requires both EasySocial and ConverseKit.

Any plan to bundle it?

Not at this point of time.

Will it be possible to download a demo of Conversekit Desktop (Mac) ?

Not currently yet as we are still preparing our demo.

Do you have mobile for Conversekit vertion ?
So it work like whatsApp... : - )



and RTL... : - )


Hi Mark,

Desktop ConverseKit is nice! Can it be use as a Support Chat system in the website like Intercom? Would be nice if you guys can add a feature to Converse Kit to function as website Chat system (like Intercom).

Thanks, Jackson

Hm, ConverseKit was not meant to be a support chat system. It's meant to be a simple lightweight chat system between peers on your site.

There are no comments posted here yet
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