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ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.3

ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.3

What a week! Another good news this week! We are thrilled to announce the new release of ConverseKit Desktop 1.0.3 alongside the public versions today.

Public Release

Public Release for MacOS & Windows

With the public release, you can now download both the MacOS and Windows App for your desktop and connect to your ConverseKit enabled site. Do take note that the public version will not have the following features:

  • Dark Mode
  • GIPHY Integrations

If you want these features and to also be able to customize the logo and other build attributes, you may do so by purchasing the desktop license here.

P/S: You need to have an active ConverseKit license in order for the app to work.

In this release, we have also addressed a couple of issues within the app:

  • Fixed synchronization issue when the user is deleted from the site
  • Fixed issue with pagination for contacts when searching for contacts

Updating using Odin

To those of you who have a valid license and have access to Odin, all you need to do is to head over to Odin to build the latest release. 

Download Public Release

If you have a valid ConverseKit, you can now download the public releases by clicking on the buttons below. We have also added two new buttons on your dashboard alongside your ConverseKit license with the links to the download files.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Comments (5)

Thank you also for allowing us to use the public releases of ConverseKit Desktop

You are most welcome, we hope that you guys are enjoying these updates

Thks will be on my radar very soon, Thks Stackheroes!

Thank you

Thank you for this awesome gift.
Works really well on the desktop.

One suggestion though....it would be nice if you added this to the Windows startup menu, so that whenever you reboot your PC it automatically launched the app. People have a tendency to "forget" to re-open the app otherwise.

But overall, nice job.

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