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Testing The App

Apple TestFlight

If you would like to test the app before publish, you can do so by using built in service by Apple called TestFlight. There are a few steps required before you can publish the app as a beta to the user to test. Kindly follow the guides below.

Initial Configuration

  1. Navigate to the TestFlight page within the app. Refer the image below.

    TestFlight Page

  2. If the app is successfully uploaded to the app store, you should see the list of the app similar like below. If the app doesn't appear from the listing, kindly refer to the following guide, Uploading the App.

    TestFlight Build List

  3. Notice that the app above will show Missing Compliance message. In order to resolve that message, click on the app from the listing in order to open the app details page.

  4. Once you inside the app details page, click on the Provide Export Compliance Information.

    TestFlight Export Compliance Information

  5. From the options below, choose No as the app does not use any encryption. Click on Start Internal Testing afterwards.

    TestFlight Compliance No Encryption

  6. Now the app should be ready for internal testing. Next we will add the internal tester so that the testing can begin internally.

Internal Testing

  1. Navigate to App Store Connect Users. Choose the users that you would like to add for internal testing.

    TestFlight Internal Tester

    TestFlight Internal Tester Added

  2. Selected users should be receiving the invitation email as below.

    TestFlight Invitation Email

  3. Click on the link provided in the email and follow the instructions inside the link.

External Testing (Public Testing)

At this point, the app is now ready to be test by external users. However, the app must undergo review process by Apple team before it can be use for external testing.

App Review Submission
  1. Within the TestFlight page, click on Add External Tester from the sidebar. Enter the name of the group and click on create.

    TestFlight External Tester

  2. Once the group is created, go to the Builds section of the group page.

  3. Click on the + sign in order to add the build to test.

  4. Choose the build that you want to test and click on Next.

    TestFlight External Tester Choose Build

  5. Fill in testing information form. Ensure that the Sign-in required checkbox is checked and fill in the tester account username and password. This is required as the app is restricted for registered user only. Click on Next once everything is filled.

    TestFlight External Tester Choose Build

  6. On this page, fill in the description of the app or the purpose of this testing. Once finished, click on Submit for Review.

    TestFlight External Tester Choose Build

  7. At this point, you will have to wait for the Apple to review the app and approve for testing. Once the app is approved, you should get notified via email and you may proceed to the next step.

Adding External Tester
  1. Within the app, click on the group tester from the sidebar that you have created previously.

  2. Go to Testers sections and click on + sign .

  3. Enter the email and the name of the user and click on Add.

    TestFlight External Tester Add

  4. The selected users should be receiving emails together with the instruction on how to test the app using TestFlight App.

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