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Applying For Developer Account

To publish your app to the app store, you first need to apply for Apple Developer Program. This is compulsory and without this you will not have the privilege to submit the app.

Apple Developer Program

  1. Before we proceed, you need to ensure that your account must have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled before you can proceed with the enrollement. Refer to the following link on how to enable 2FA on your account.

  2. Head to Enrollment page in Apple Developer Program and read all of the requirement from the lists.

  3. Next, scroll the page down and click on the Start Your Enrollment button as shown below.

    Apple Developer Program Enrollment

  4. If you already logged in, you may proceed to step 7. If not, fill in your login information after you have clicked the button on step 3.

  5. Fill in 2 factor authentication code and complete the login process.

  6. Once the login is success, head back to Enrollment page and click on Start Your Enrollment button once again.

  7. Fill in your details information and click on next.

    Apple Developer Program Personal Details

  8. When the page ask for entity type, you must choose Company/Organization type from the dropdown. This is because our builder currently require Apple Team ID before it can initiate the build and only organization entity is able to have the Team ID.

    Apple Developer Program Organization

  9. Next, fill out your organization’s information, agree to the legal requirements and submit payment.

If you not sure what is your Organization D.U.N.S number is, you may refer to the following link here.

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