1. Android
  2. Create Application

Create Application

  1. Go to Google Play Console.
  2. Click on Create App and fill in the details for your application.


  3. You will then be redirected to the Dashboard. You will see Initial Setup section that you will need to complete. Click on the View Tasks dropdown.


  4. App Access - In this task, you will want to select All functionality is available without special access. Click Save and navigate back to Dashboard for the next task.


  5. Ads - This is depends on whether you have enabled AdMob for your App or not. Choose No, my app does not contain ads if you didn't enable AdMob.

  6. Content Rating - Start your questionaire and answer all questions to complete this task.

  7. Target Audience - Same like Content Rating section, answer all questions to complete this task.

  8. News App - If your site is about news, you would want to select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  9. Select an app category and provide contact details - Fill in the extra details for your Application.


  10. Set up your store listing - Fill in all the required fields.

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