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Apple Store Submission Guide

Step-by-step overview on how to create and publish the app to the app store

We recommend you to follow the provided steps below to ease the process of configure, build, upload, testing and publishing the app.

  1. Minimum Requirements
  2. Applying for Apple Developer Program
  3. Obtaining Apple Team Id
  4. Creating App Bundle Identifier
  5. Creating the app in the app store connect
  6. Obtaining p12 file
  7. Obtaining p8 file
  8. Creating provisioning profile
  9. Configure the app in Titan
  10. Building the app using Titan
  11. Uploading the app with Transporter
  12. Testing the app with TestFlight
  13. Configure App Privacy Details
  14. Publishing the app (Skip this step if you do not want to publish the app to the public)
  15. Updating the app (Only perform this step if you want to update the app to newer version)
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