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  2. Create Admob App

Create Admob App

By using Google AdMob, you will be able to display Ads in your mobile app.

Create AdMob Apps

  1. Go to Google AdMob homepage.
  2. Create AdMob Account.
  3. Select Apps on the left sidebar, and click on the ADD YOUR FIRST APP button

    Build Number

  4. On the creation page, choose either Android or iOS depending on which platform you want this ads to be displayed.

  5. Once your app successfully created, you will be presented a page with App ID.

    Build Number

  6. Next, click on Create Ad Unit button.

  7. Choose type of Ad Unit you want to create. EasySocial Native App only support Banner and Interstitial Ads for now.

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  8. Creating Banner Ads is pretty straight forward. However, for Interstitial Ads, you may want to set the Frequency Capping to only 1 impression per user per 1 minute. Click on Create Ad Unit button once done.

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  9. On the next page, you will see both your App ID and Ad Unit ID. Copy both IDs and keep it. These will be used later in Titan building your Mobile App.

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