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Creating Apple Id

If you intend to use our built-in build system, you will need to create a new Apple ID that does not have 2 Factor authentication. This is because, our build system relies on Expo's build system and if your Apple ID requires 2Factor authentication, it would then break the build process.

Create New Apple ID

  1. Head over to Apple ID to create a new account.

  2. Click on the Create Your Apple ID from the top.

    App Store Creating Account

  3. Follow the instructions on screen on getting your account ready.

    NOTE: DO NOT enable 2Factor Authentication for this particular account.

  4. When using our internal build system, ensure that you use this account's username and password.

Assigning Permissions

  1. Once the developer account is created, head over to Apple Connect (User Management) with your original account.

  2. Invite the new developer account that you have created as a developer and ensure that the following permissions are checked:

    • Developer
    • App Manager
    • Access to Certificates, Identifier and Profiles
  3. The developer account that you have created will now have the privilege to build and manage apps.

    App Store User Permissions

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