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PayPlans 4.0 Progress Report Part 2
10th August, 2018
Today, I am thrilled to be sharing more progress updates for the upcoming release of PayPlans 4.0. When we acquired PayPlans from ReadyBytes, it wasn't jus...
Hello PayPlans 3.7
13th July, 2018
​Before we could dive into PayPlans 4.0, we would like to present you with PayPlans 3.7 beforehand. Along with the usual maintenance update, PayP...
PayPlans 4.0 Timeline & EasyDiscuss 4.1.2
14th June, 2018
Today, we would like to share a quick rundown on PayPlans 4.0, as many ones had approached us on this matter. We thought it would be more&nb...
Progress Updates on PayPlans 4.0
12th April, 2018
First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not completing this post any sooner as the team and I are occupied with development and support of EasyBlog 5....
Some Updates For PayPlans 4.0
24th January, 2018
About 3 months ago, we acquired PayPlans from ReadyBytes and the team is still adapting to it; trying to understand the fundamentals of PayPlans. Init...
PDF Invoice Plugin Update
25th September, 2017
​We have received a couple of feedback in regards to PayPlans's PDF invoice plugin behaving out of the ordinary. ...
Critical Update For PayPlans 3.6.3
12th September, 2017
We just released PayPlans 3.6.3 to address a possible security issue with regards to a vulnerability with IDOR exploits​....


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