UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.11 Released

Hello PayPlans 3.7

Hello PayPlans 3.7

​Before we could dive into PayPlans 4.0, we would like to present you with PayPlans 3.7 beforehand. Along with the usual maintenance update, PayPlans 3.7 also acts as a preparation stage for the upcoming major update.

GDPR Compliance

Seeing the importance of GDPR compliance, it's really inevitable to put PayPlans at the corner any longer, especially being an extension that handles payment transactions and billing related matters. So, very similar to what we did for Komento 3.1, PayPlans 3.7 allows users to download data from the front-end dashboard. It will be presented in a zip file that contains 
user profile, invoices and subscriptions.

New Payment Gateway: PayZen

New payment method: PayZen
PayZen at our apps store

Introducing PayZen, an innovative and affordable payment solution for any e-transactions that was developed by Lyra Network, France. Interestingly, this payment gateway actually came from one of our customization requests. After the team has completed the customization works, he has graciously agreed to allow us to include it in this release, with the thought that it might 

EasySocial Registration

EasySocial's registration button & social buttons

You will be pleased to know that we have integrated EasySocial registration into PayPlans 3.7. Besides the ability to register an account in EasySocial, users are also able to register with their social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This feature comes handy especially when guest users can easily subscribe to the membership without registering first. 

Updated Apps

Not to mention, we have also updated and fixed the apps listed below, alternatively you may also refer to our changelog to view full list of changes as well. 

  • Stripe: SHA-2 and TLS 1.2 support
  • PayFast: Recurring payments support 
  • PayLine: Updated library with the latest PayLine API
  • Zoo app: Fixed pagination related issue 
  • EU VAT app: Fixed php7 related issue
  • Referral app: Fixed discounts and email related issue
  • Ingenico epayments aka Ogone: Fixed SHA-out related issue. 
  • QuickPay: Fixed recurring payment related issue.
  • Briantree: Multi-currency support 
  • Advance pricing app: Fixed pricing app token related issue
  • Content ACL app: Fixed categories restriction related issue
  • PayPal: Updated email validation
  • InviteX app: Fixed email sending related issue
  • PayPlans Quick Registration app: Fixed recaptcha v2 related issue
  • EasySocial Profile Type app: Fixed plan assignment for joomla user group related issue
  • Upgrade app: Fixed BS3 template related issue
  • Acymailing: Update with Acymailing's latest release


​Like any of our product updates, PayPlans 3.7 requires you to download the full package or launcher package found on your dashboard, and then run the installation like you normally would. Should you require any assistance with the upgrade at all, feel free to get in touch with us on our forums.

Voyager Template Updated 

Apart from that, we have also updated Voyager template which addresses progressive cache issue on mobile devices, added submenus support and other minor styling fixes as well.

Template Bundle 

Lastly, if you happen to be looking for a bundle that includes all of our in-house templates. We are now selling Template bundle for only a whopping $269 that includes all 7 of our templates, Wanderers, Elegant, Echo, Voyager, Vanilla, Office & Charm.


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Hi Si Team

Great to see this moving forward. Is there any chance of getting a discount for an returning customer from Ready Byte days. I would be interested in installing and tinkering around with Pay Plans with a view to maybe swapping out Hika Shop with Pay Plans in about 6 month! Thanks Paul.

Hey Paul,

Hm, Hikashop is geared towards an e-commerce / product based as opposed to PayPlans which is a membership subscription system. Not entirely sure if it would fit your needs though?

However, if you are interested, please feel free to write to us at https://stackideas.com/contact and provide us with your previous PayPlans order id from Ready Bytes.

Hey Mark. Thanks for your response and kind offer. The product that I am selling is access to a course (series of videos) which are in ES Social Group video section. So for eg as of now I have a custom (Hika Shop) plugin that puts the purchaser of product ABC in group an ES Group ABC etc. If I am not mistaken Pay Plans does this as well = puts purchaser into Group. Also I believe that there is a Fast Spring Plugn right?

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Paul Murray Paul Murray

Ah I see, if that is the case then definitely yes :) You can write to us at https://stackideas.com/contact and provide us with your previous order from ReadyBytes.

hi there is something new about payplans 4.0 ? I'm very interested. And are new templates planed?

This wait is like a terrible long night

We had to release 3.7 to address the GDPR related issue and also several improvements on the apps first :)

Yeah cool, but we dont know, whats planed. As you know, i've requested blog infos. It's great, that you've done this. But on our sight we have no idea, on what is currenty working. It could be easily solved by frequently blogs.


Payplans 4 (currently status)
Easysocial (new functions)

We have already mentioned what we were working on, in the previous posts :) Komento 3.1 and PayPlans 3.7 which includes GDPR compliance.

Once we are done with the GDPR compliance, we'll be working on PayPlans 4. Since we have already released posts about PayPlans 4, re-posting them again would be redundant :)

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