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PayPlans 4.0 Progress Report Part 2

PayPlans 4.0 Progress Report Part 2

Today, I am thrilled to be sharing more progress updates for the upcoming release of PayPlans 4.0. When we acquired PayPlans from ReadyBytes, it wasn't just about raking in profits or making it profitable. Our goal has always been about adding value to every site owners who runs on our software. 

The long awaited PayPlans 4.0 update might be one of the most complex and challenging release we have ever worked on. This is simply due to the overwhelming process of deconstruction and reconstruction of the existing codes.

Brand New Interface

Like any major product update comes about change, and usually these changes are often for the better, especially when it meant replacing obsolete or outdated technologies found in the prior version.

Our designers did an amazing job and gave PayPlans 4.0 a total makeover without watering down its usability and overall workflow. In fact, this release enhances PayPlans overall experience, and one keyword distinctively described this update as centralization.

GDPR Compliance 

​Just in case you don't already know this, we have already included GDPR compliance since PayPlans 3.7 update. This allow users to have download access to their personal data, invoices and subscriptions.

Unified Dashboard  

​The team managed to revamp a more organized and unified dashboard at the administrator area. As you could see from the screenshot above, it looks pretty similar to what we have across the rest of our core products.

Restructured Payment Methods

We had sift through the entire list of apps from PayPlans 3.6.x, and found out that there were many outdated and obsolete payment gateways and apps alike, therefore we have compartmentalize and segregate all of these apps into multiple different sections. The all-new payment methods will allow you to create new payment methods on PayPlans 4.0.

Simplified App Management

We have also relocated and restructured the application behavior in PayPlans 4.0 and to simplify the addition of applications instead of having to rely on a separate apps store.

Brand New Installer

Moving forward, PayPlans 4.0 will also adopt the same installation processing mechanism as the rest of our core extensions. Previously in PayPlans 3.6.x, the installers were still callback from ReadyBytes server. Now that we have acquired PayPlans for over a year, it's about time to standardize the installation processes our way. 

Not only will the installer be similar to the rest of our extensions, PayPlans 4.0 will also incorporate single click updates where it would be much easier for every maintenance updates.

Redesigned Pricing Plans

​We have simplified the design of the pricing page to not only look simplistic yet professional that's also powerful to support the next step, the checkout page. The last thing you need on a pricing page is stirring more confusions and displaying irrelevant information on it. Take it from us, less is more. :)

Revamped Checkout Page

The designers have worked tirelessly to prepare the best ever checkout flow for your site. Some of you who have read the first part of the blog post may realize that the appearance of the checkout page is different. ​Apart from the invoice makeover, we managed to touch up the checkout page. Not only it has a similar layout to the overall new design for PayPlans 4.0, but it also has a more prominent social integrations and new credit card form in place. 

Redesigned Email Templates

Apart from managing the existing email notifications, you can now also create email templates in PayPlans 4.0.  If you noticed, we unified the design for PayPlans 4.0 to synchronize with the rest of our extensions' email templates as well. 

Updated Invoices

​Up next on our list is the updated invoices design for PayPlans 4.0, it's now looking beautiful, simple and professional. Designed in muted colors, calming blocks, titles in every roll, not forgetting about the pricing, amount paid, percentage% of discount applied, subscription information and etc are intact. 

Better Security 

To sidetrack a little, SSL is the predecessor to TLS. SSL and TLS are both cryptographic protocols that provide authentication and data encryption between servers, machines and applications operating over a network. Over the years, new versions of the protocols have been released to address vulnerabilities and support stronger, more secure cipher suites and algorithms.

With this in mind, all of our payment gateways have been updated to TSL v1.2 along with the latest API keys. You can assure that whatever sensitive information shared over the net are encrypted at both ends. 

Massive Refactoring 

​Apart from the massive spring cleaning of codes and implementation of the new design, we have also minified the codes to perform not only 2x faster, but also it'll be a lot easier for maintenance and troubleshooting for PayPlans 4.0. 

 ETA for PayPlans 4.0

We don't have a definite timeline for it at the moment, however, we are looking at rolling out Alpha release somewhere around September, so stay tuned folks! ;)

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