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EasyDiscuss 5.0.1 Released

EasyDiscuss 5.0.1 Released

After months of rigorous testings, our team has just released the stable version of EasyDiscuss 5. For those of you who missed the initial post of EasyDiscuss 5 or need a refresher, you may revisit the post here. Read on to learn more about what has changed since RC 3.

Modules Package Manager

Modules Package Manager

When we added the module package manager in EasySocial 4, we realize that this is extremely useful for site owners. This is why we have also added the new module package manager in EasyDiscuss to allow you to manage modules on the site.

Post Filters for Tags

Post Filters for Tags

When filtering posts by a specific tag, users can now use the same post-filters just like they do on a category view. This offers greater flexibility for users to filter their posts as they desire.


Reply Badges

We have also added badges to appear beside the user's name under the replies of a post. This would give a better overview of badges associated with users without needing to hover over their profile details.

Filters Module

Filters Module

The greatest change in EasyDiscuss 5 would be the extensive filters that are built-into the views. We decided to decouple the filter and allow filters to be placed within a module. This way, you can build a more flexible layout by placing the filter module in any desired module positions that you want to be defined by your Joomla template.

Jump to Latest Reply

We have also added a new link on the listing page that allows users to go directly to the last replied post instead of having to go through pages to reach the last reply.

Other Changes

Apart from the mentioned additions above, these are the changes since the previous release of RC3:

  • 🆕 Added post labels when creating a new post
  • 🆕 Added support for emoji in the posts
  • Preparation for integrations with EasySocial 4
  • Fixed issue with submitting replies when htaccess contains specific set of redirection rules
  • Standardize the naming of "Users"
  • Added option to use Community Builder's edit profile link
  • Added unique css selector for accept and reject answer buttons
  • Fixed issues with notification items not getting pruned during cronjob
  • Fixed issue with profile linking not being linked to EasySocial 4 profile correctly
  • When post label activities are disabled, the activities will no longer appear when viewing the post
  • Cleaned up duplicate css codes that are no longer in use
  • Optimized the post meta and post assignments for better user experience
  • Fixed SQL errors on search page when query behavior is changed to "select count"
  • Addressed integration issues with Geek Elastic Search
  • Fixed layout issues with heading on search page

Download EasyDiscuss 5.0.1

You can download the latest version of EasyDiscuss 5.0.1 from your dashboard. Since this is a major milestone, you will need to download and install by using the installer section in Joomla.

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