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JA Social & EasyBlog: Community Blogging defined

JA Social & EasyBlog: Community Blogging defined

We've compiled some tools that you could use to start your very first community blogging website in Joomla. These tools will not only works great but also looks stunning.

If you already have the latest Joomla 2.5.x installed, we recommend dressing it up with JA Social theme by Joomlart. I presume you already have JomSocial installed and most importantly, have EasyBlog installed too. And to complete the community blogging part, you will need some EasyBlog plugins to work that out.

We would like to announce that themes from Joomlart integrates with EasyBlog.

Here's how EasyBlog looks like inside the JA Social template... after the jump

JA Social, asocial template produced by the creative team at Joomlart makes the job of beautifying your community blogging site so much easier. Powered by the T3 V2 framework, JA Social works seamlessly with EasyBlog allowing you to achieve the ideal environment and layout in keeping your community actively engaged.

Complementing the whole community blogging experience, we have a powerful plugin that binds it all together. The Group Blogging plugin allows each group members in JomSocial to blog in groups. The groups can blog and share amongst group members, enjoying total exclusivity in blogs sharing and viewing. Now, this is one of the key points of an integrated online community.

Users can also view latest blogs from other users within JomSocial with these free plugins.

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