Jomsocial and EasyBlog 2.0 enhanced integrations

Jomsocial and EasyBlog 2.0 enhanced integrations

We have been working on most of our integrations in EasyBlog 2.0 and one of it also includes a more enhanced integration solution for Jomsocial.

Okay, what would it be included? Tell me more!

Blog entry privacy!

First off, we now have an additional configuration at the back end which allows you to choose to use JomSocial's privacy system instead. Once enabled, bloggers can then set privacy options for the blog entry.

Messaging Integrations

Then we have the integrations with JomSocial's messaging system. Some requested that for the audience to integrate with the blogger, it would be much easier if we include a link to contact the author. Here it comes :)

Blog plugin for Jomsocial

We have also refreshed the entire look and feel of the plugin for Jomsocial. It now comes with built in rating and comment on the fly which allows people to comment or rate the entries created by the profile owner!

That's it for now from me, stay tune to our blogs and Twitter for more updates on EasyBlog 2.0


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  1. James

Excellent job! It has much better integrations than the myblog component!

  1. Peter

That is a great news, I would like to see the outcome.

Thanks guys.

  1. Jeremy

Is there a migrator for my blog and jom comment? I am currently using these extensions and it isn't being updated and development is stalled.

  1. Jack    Jeremy

Yes, we do have migrators for Joomla articles as well as My Blog migrator :)

  1. Rom    Jack

Hi! Is there a migrator for IdoBlog?

  1. Jack    Rom

Sorry but currently we do not have migrators for Idoblog yet :(

  1. Rom    Jack

Very bad:( Maybe in the future?

  1. Jason

Very cool. You guys do great work. Glad to be a customer.

  1. rickybjj

Where can I download Blog plugin for Jomsocial?

  1. Jack


It's available at <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"><;/a> :)

  1. mohammed shaikh

Hey do we have integration for jomsocial groups
like viewable by only group1 ....only group2...

  1. Jack

Hey Mohammed Shaikh,

Sorry but this is not possible at this point of time :( There's a little draw back though to add these rules because if you have 100 groups in jomsocial, then your listing will be tremendously long :o

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