StackIdeas Appreciation Day

StackIdeas Appreciation Day

Just a blink of an eye, 2016 is coming towards a close. Earlier this month, we released EasySocial 2 stable and it was one of our biggest release and approximately half a year ago EasyDiscuss 4 stable was released as well.

Komento 3.0 and EasyBlog 5.1 will be the focal point for the entire team as we move forward to 2017.


Some Progress Updates for Komento 3 and EasyBlog 5.1

We are really excited to announce that Komento 3.0 will be packed filled with some of the awesome feature such as web push notifications, one of the best anti-spam measures; this will safeguard your content articles from the incoming floods of spams.

On top of that Komento 3.0 will be equipped with a "performance booster" which will speed up your page loads to almost 3-times faster as compared to Komento 2.x as well as improving the overall user experience for both end users and site moderators.

The next milestone that the team will be focusing is EasyBlog 5.1. This update will be based on "less is more" kind of concept and bringing simplicity of EasyBlog back to its good old glory days. Not to mention, this upcoming release will be more centered to its usability and the team is also looking for ways to integrate with Joomla articles too. 


EasySocial 2.0.6 release

On the side note, the team just released EasySocial 2.0.6 update. This maintenance release will be addressing several known issues, bug fixes and some performance related issues as well. If you have not already performed the upgrade, kindly do so as quickly as possible either from installing from the dashboard or hit the "Update" button at the back-end of EasySocial. :) 

You may also read up EasySocial changelog here

StackIdeas Appreciation Friday Offerings

This year's Black Friday is themed up with upcoming release of Komento 3.0, we would like to offer you guys a special deal for Komento Pro which is $45 for a 1-year subscription. To purchase this special offering, what you can do is grab yourself a copy with the link located here. :) 

On top of that, you can also get hold of 30% discounts on our renewals upon checkout with this coupon code: TQVM2016. This might be our last sales for 2016 therefore I would reckon that you make haste and take this opportunity to renew your expired subscriptions today. 


Special offering on our Apps store

Do also enjoy some of the selected apps at a discounted price, you may click on the links belows to enjoy our 1-day only offerings.

*P/S: All our offerings are valid till November 26th, 2016 till 11:59pm (GMT +8)


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  1. Jean

Nice one thanks :)

Change Log link is broken :o

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Jean Jean
  1. Sylvie    Jean

Thanks Jean, it'll be fixed soon. :)

  1. Macjoomla

Thank you for the offer, keep this good work. However, for all 4 components it seems to be the better value to buy the normal pro bundle instead of renewing each for 30%, is´nt it?

  1. Dale Gillibrand    Macjoomla

A little less than a $3 saving to renew the 4 individual components compared with buying the pro bundle. ($249 vs $246.40).

Am I just not seeing the renew bundle option with a 30% saving?

I tried using it for a new purchase and it fails.

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Dale Gillibrand Dale Gillibrand
  1. Mark    Macjoomla

Yep, our bundles are already discounted heavily and this is why we would suggest that you opt for the bundle instead. This discount is useful for users who are using a single product and do not require all extensions.

  1. Dale Gillibrand    Mark


So the headline reads "We appreciate your continuous support" and every email I get telling me about a new post on this thread is titled "StakIdeas Appreciation Day". In what way are you appreciating those who use more than one package today?

  1. Mark    Dale Gillibrand

We appreciate all our customers and especially customers that use all of our products. This is why the bundles are already discounted at 30% all the time. With the Club bundle, you get to save more over the year.

  1. Alexandra Moor

$ 45 for Komento Pro. Isn't it just the normal price??

  1. Mark    Alexandra Moor

The original price for Komento Pro was $35 with 6 months of support and updates. With this, you will get 12 months instead :)

  1. Dalia Jas

Is there any chance to receive individual proposal for Pro Bundle with 30% discount with some proporcial reduction as I have ED active till May, and ES till January? Just thought it would be ok to buy Bundle but never can't wait until both components would expire :).

  1. Mark    Dalia Jas

Hello Dalia,

The discounted bundles are already heavily discounted and we can't be offering more discounts to an already discounted bundle. If you have an existing license, we could evaluate the amount you paid for your renewals last year and we could pro-rate it and offer you as a discount instead.

All you need to do is to write to us at and provide us with your username :)

  1. Dalia Jas    Mark

ok, thanks.

  1. Mark    Dalia Jas

No problem Dalia :)

  1. Emilio Navas

Same here with EB :-)
I was waiting to black Friday to buy the bundle with some discount.
The code is only for separate items or will work with the budget as well?

Thanks in advance!!

  1. Mark    Emilio Navas

The discount above is only for single product renewals :) Bundles are already heavily discounted and unfortunately we will not be able to offer more discounts on the already discounted bundles.

  1. Emilio Navas    Mark

Thanks Mark.
I understand. Let's see what you can do with my current license of EB and check my past as loyal customer :-)
If not, I can't afford the bundle this time.

  1. Mark    Emilio Navas

No problem, write to us at and we'll check on how much you paid for your renewals last year and pro-rate them accordingly.


  1. Alexander Müller

exactly the same like Emilio,

I also expected an Black Friday Offer for starting a bundle subscription

  1. Mark    Alexander Müller

Hello Alexander,

Our bundles are already heavily discounted :( As much as we want to get you on the bundle wagon, the bundle is already cheaper than single products.

If you renew them separately with the 30% discount, the bundle is still cheaper.

  1. Alexander Müller    Mark

mmh. i waited for 2 months for the blackfriday. In know your bundle is already a huge discoutn. But 299 + VAT is a big entry ;) So i expected a blackfriday deal to start a bundle subscription... I have my subscription expired in the summer ..

  1. Mark    Alexander Müller

Write to us at and we'll pay for the VAT by offering you a coupon code so you only pay exactly the $299 price.

  1. shoulders

The komento price should be $35 for a year as a regular price.

Komento purchased, EasyBlog Renewed, thanks.

  1. Mark    shoulders

Komento Pro has always been $35 / 6 months :) With this promo, you get a year's worth of updates as well as support for only $45. In total, you will be save more.

Thank you for your continuous support shoulders!

  1. Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

Does this code work for bundle package?
If it works, so interested to renew :D

  1. Mark    Monthon Kooyathbenjarong


I would personally suggest that you opt for the Pro bundle at :) It is already discounted and if you are looking for long term loyalty support, consider the Club bundle.

  1. Robert

Hi Mark, there's no option to renew my subscription es 2.0 from my dashboard. I am still being charged full price with this code when I select from the product menu. Please advise


  1. Mark    Robert

Hello Robert,

Your subscription was an early adopters plan which is much cheaper than what you are actually paying. I believe your subscription has already been cancelled and there is no way to renew an early adopters plan.

I have updated your order and you should be able to click on the Renew button now for standard single product renewals.

P/S: Since you have multiple products, it would be advisable that you switch to the bundle :)

  1. Robert    Mark

Got it, thanks Mark! :)

  1. QMAXX

Very beautiful. Can I participate in a beta test?

  1. Mark    QMAXX

We will announce the beta when it is available :)

  1. Philippe

Thank you for this information.
For 2017 you only mention Komento 3.0 and EasyBlog 5.1. Does it mean that EasySocial 2.1 will only be released in 2018 ?


  1. Mark    Philippe

Hello Philippe,

EasySocial will definitely be updated in 2017 for sure :) We are just sharing our progress and concept for Komento 3 and EasyBlog 5.1 since we are working on both of it right now.

  1. Philippe    Mark

Ah ok I'm reassured ! :) Thank you

I take this opportunity to tell you that there is a bug on your demo in displaying EasyDiscuss discussions from EasySocial groups.

Have a nice week end !

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Philippe Philippe
  1. Mark    Philippe

Hm, that post is no longer there probably because the demo scripts reset the database at a specific interval. You should post issues on our forums instead of posting them here :)

  1. T.W. van Urk

Hi there,

Nice to hear about your Easyblog 5.1 plans. But what do you exactly mean with 'less is more'? I assume you will not reduce functionality. Or at least, newer versions of Easyblog will stay backwards compatible?
And maybe you can take a look at the 'image-wishes' I have dropped as feature request? ;)

Kind regards, T.W. van Urk

  1. Mark    T.W. van Urk

It will have the same functionality, but less settings. We are trying to identify a list of settings which are not commonly used to reduce the bloat-ness of the extension :)

Do participate in the forums as we will be setting up the thread to hear more about your EasyBlog 5 feedback.

  1. T.W. van Urk    Mark

Ok, thank you for your answer.

I agree with your explanation. Settings and options for now are global, per categorie, per article, per post-list et cetera. So a little bit confusing. It should be great if you can simplify that !

  1. Mark    T.W. van Urk

Feel free to participate in . Looking forward to hear from you guys :)

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