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JSN Shine for EasyBlog

JSN Shine for EasyBlog

JSN Shine is the best multi-niche Joomla template that you have seen out there in the market. It is powered by the brand new SUN framework and packed with 9 complete Joomla templates inside.


Why do we recommend getting JSN Shine?

It has the most powerful Sun Framework inside

JSN Shine was built with the powerful SUN Framework as its skeleton. The Sun framework comes with a blast of UX improvements and outstanding features which will help any site owners to build their Joomla sites in no time.

  • Dynamic drag and drop layout builder
    Get your layout building tasks done on the fly with the most flexible layout builder.
  • Versatile Mega Menu Builder
    Customize your menu content with their effortless drag and drop function.
  • Limitless styling options and instant preview
    Giving your site the style you want without having to inspect CSS lines and on top to review all changes in real time. 


Great value: It's a 9-in-1 Joomla template

JSN Shine is the only Joomla template provider in the market that comes with 9 different niche templates inside, JSN Shine consist of:

  • eCommerce - R2VF
  • eCommerce - Hiway
  • eCommerce - Pillow
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Portfolio
  • Sports news
  • General news
  • NGO/Charity

Each niche template inside JSN Shine was carefully researched and we believe JSN Shine will cater to your needs. Just by having only one template, site developers can build any type of websites without spending 9 times the money. :) 


The Best Joomla Extensions Supported

JSN Shine does not only sell you the outward appearance of your site but also equipped with the specific set of functionalities to make it run the way you need it to. JoomlaShine has already handpicked some of the best Joomla extensions for the respective niche template without needing you to do all the research or reading up reviews on the respective Joomla extensions. 

  • Sports News - EasyBlog
  • eCommerce - J2Store
  • eCommerce - Virtuemart
  • eCommerce - EShop
  • Corporate - DOCman
  • NGO/Charity - JSN UniForm 


Check out their blog JSN SHINE

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