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Twitter for EasySocial

Twitter for EasySocial (v2.0.3)

This app allows story update to be auto-posted to Twitter whenever the Twitter tick-box was checked. It will also allow users to render their Twitter widget on their profile page.

Version 2.0.3
Author Mark
Website URL https://stackideas.com
Support URL https://stackideas.com/forums (Support will be provided by the application or plugin developer)
Compatibility 2.0.x
Last Updated 3rd Mar, 2017
Submitted 4th Nov, 2016
Views 859
Rating 3 out of 5 (Total of 1 votes)   Add Review

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Reviews   (1 reviews)

Nice app
Robert, on 6th Dec, 2016
Nice app but it would have been a great one if it was able to autopost images and video to twitter. ...


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