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EasyDiscuss 4 Stable Release

EasyDiscuss 4 Stable Release

After several months and over 1000 commits, we are really happy announce that we have release EasyDiscuss 4 today.

If you are with us for long enough, you might have realized that we are really behind schedule prior to this release, as the dev team had to refactor the entire code base in which was time consuming. :( We really appreciate the kind patience and support we have during each testing phase.

So without further ado, here's the list of cool features that you can expect from EasyDiscuss 4:


Discussion View or Forum View

b2ap3_thumbnail_newtheme.jpgThere's no limitation for your site. With the new EasyDiscuss 4, site moderator now have the option to choose between a simple discussion platform or an advanced support and ticketing system. 



b2ap3_thumbnail_themes.jpgEasyDiscuss 4 has now 7 awesome themes which includes Wireframe, Dark, Bubbles, Flatt, Pinter, Timeless and Zinc.


Improved Administration

b2ap3_thumbnail_newbackend.pngEquipped your forums with the all new EasyDiscuss 4 administration interface. The new improved back-end dashboard has all the tools you need to better administrate your site more effectively. 

Site moderators can now post discussions from the back-end without needing to do so from the front-end.  


Company Workflow

b2ap3_thumbnail_company-workflow.pngEasyDiscuss 4 has this neat feature whereby is ideal for any sites operating with multiple timezone and notify site users different the public holidays in which your country observes. 


More Autoposting Places

b2ap3_thumbnail_integrations.jpgEasyDiscuss 4 can increase your social presence with the all new must have integration such as Gist, LinkedIn, Slack, Wunderlist, Telegram bot.

Not to forget, JFBConnect integration enables you to use the login system of most of the popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and many more. 


Moderation Tools

b2ap3_thumbnail_user-banning.jpgAs this feature was frequently request before, EasyDiscuss 4 can now have the ability to ban specific users permanently or for a short period of time. 



b2ap3_thumbnail_conversations.pngEasyDiscuss 4 has an engaging and interactive conversation layout for site users.


Email Digest

b2ap3_thumbnail_email-digest.pngSite users are now able to receive emails for a specific range of time (daily, weekly, and monthly basis) instead of getting new notifications for every action performed on site. 


Prioritizing Tickets

b2ap3_thumbnail_priority-tickets.jpgWe truly believe this feature is essential for any advanced support and ticketing system there this feature is a must have in EasyDiscuss 4. This enable site users to mark their discussion or tickets as high priority when immediate attention is required. 


Cloud Integration: Amazon S3

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud-amazons3.pngEasyDiscuss 4 simplifies extensive file management by storing attachments of your site with the built-in cloud storage integration, Amazon S3. Now there's no need to worry of a full disk space anymore. 


Star Ratings and Improved Point System

b2ap3_thumbnail_star-ratings.jpgEasyDiscuss 4 can now rate their favorite posts with Star ratings which is similar to EasyBlog.

Not to mention, site moderators can also set different points for specific action performed on site with the new improved point systems. 


Anonymous Posting

b2ap3_thumbnail_post-anonymously.jpgWe respect users privacy therefore in EasyDiscuss 4, site users have the ability to post their discussion anonymously. Now your guest users can be assured that their identity are kept secret! 


Get a whopping 30% discount

To celebrate the release of EasyDiscuss 4, we are offering a big 30% discount across all EasyDiscuss plans. This coupon code is for a limited time offer and valid till 29 April 2016.




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