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This plugin allows site moderators to position it whether top or bottom of the site. The docker will appear on all of your pages and not necessarily just on EasySocial pages.

It also has system alerts built-in whenever there's any activity present in EasySocial. Along with new conversations as well as new friend requests.

On top of that, quick posting on the docker plugin itself is easily accessible therefore optimizing page load time for users as well.

Docker also has a built in menu navigation that allows you to navigate throughout EasySocial.

Live Demo: https://docker.easysocial.app

Reviews (14)

translate Docker
Bodo Lamprecht, on 22nd Jul, 2023
Where can I translate Docker?...
Demo site
Marc, on 19th Oct, 2018
Where can we find a demo of the docker? Its no longer included on easysocial.stackideas.com. I'm specifically interested in how it works on a mobile device....

Yup, it works on mobile. Unfortunately, we do not have a demo for this. However, if it doesn't work as expected, we will honor the refunds for your order. Otherwise, feel free to reach us at our forums for further inquiries. :)

— Reply from owner on Friday, 19 October 2018
Using Docker with Ja Social II template
Poonam Sehrawat, on 4th Apr, 2018
I am using a JA Social II template and it has a dropdown Topbar. If I use the docker app what will happen to the Topbar. Frankly I dont want to use the JA Social Topbar instead want to use the Docker. Installing the Docker will replace the topbar? Thanks...

Docker will not replace the toolbar from your Joomla template but what you could do is to probably disable the toolbar within your template and use Docker instead.

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 05 April 2018
Change colour of the Docker
Suresh Sehrawat, on 29th Mar, 2018
Hi, is it possible to change the colour of the Docker? thanks...

Yep, it is possible to change the color of the docker :)

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 29 March 2018
n00bster, on 15th Mar, 2018
please bring a changelog for docker up (also for the rest of apps)!...

Thanks for your insights on this n00bster. We are looking at ways to roll out changelog for apps.

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 05 April 2018
WU, on 22nd Feb, 2018
Is it able to run on the vanilla template?...

Yep definitely!

— Reply from owner on Thursday, 22 February 2018
Very nice!
Edward Stacey, on 21st Sep, 2017
Would be nice to have a Date feature on the Docker - that connects to a Calendar and the means to change the Color of it.. or have it follow the Template Color in some fashion.. Logoff Button could be on the Docker as well.. and one final suggestion - if the Docker 'vanished' when the mouse wasn't near it.. that would be EXCELLENT! ...
Adds powerful functionality and generally makes the user experience tighter!
Paul Murray, on 21st May, 2017
The docker brings with a couple of clicks powerful functionality to my Site. It just sits there and is impossible to overlook. Has the same familiar layout as Facebook & Co. Plus owning both the Docker and Mobile Template I have the additional bonus of making site navigation make more sense across different platforms e.g. Browsers & Mobiles. When logged in really love the drop down menu hot links in the top right of the desktop menu bar. They work pretty much like the hot links in the top right of the Mobile Template menu bar. Wonderful stuff. Simple clean Stackideas implementation that makes sense at it best! My only tinsy winsy reservation, maybe some very basic options to change colours and add add a logo?...
search as an option
Bogdan, on 27th Apr, 2017
Hi there, I'm interested if this plugin is showing ok on small mobile screens....
Needs to be assignable to specific menus
Meagan Hooper, on 23rd Dec, 2016
Its a useful product, but it absolutely needs to be installed as a module so that its assignment can be controlled. Having it on every page of a site is not useful when your site has other features besides Easysocial....
Tony Boutemeur, on 9th Dec, 2016
I tested it and I have 1 suggestion to tell you: - It should be interesting to get the possibility to display our logo website (texte/image) ...
Site wide search
Andrew, on 9th Dec, 2016
Looks nice... Would be great if the search could also be used for site wide searches and jReviews directory searches. Our site combines ES, EB, ED and jReviews. Less individual search boxes is always great....

Thank you :)

— Reply from owner on Friday, 09 December 2016
Great app - more control of when to display needed
Paul Lee-Maynard, on 15th Nov, 2016
I really like this app. However, my site combines a community site as part of a wider site, and I would prefer not to display the docker on all pages of the site. In particular, this doesn't work for my homepage. I would love to be able to target which menu items the docker displays for. Otherwise, great work!...

Thanks for the input on this Paul, that's a good idea. We'll see if we can update the plugin to allow you to exclude it from being displayed on specific menu items in Joomla.

— Reply from owner on Wednesday, 16 November 2016
great plugin
Jarbas Fa├čbinder, on 4th Nov, 2016
I suggest that there is also the option to create an account on Docker!...

Thanks for your input on this Jarbas, we'll try to see if we can fit this in.

— Reply from owner on Friday, 11 November 2016

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