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EasyBlog also includes search engine optimizations out of the box as soon as it is installed on your site.


Generates search engine friendly urls out of the box without much configuration. It just works!
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Google Structured Data

EasyBlog generates a default markup for structured data that helps search engines like Google to understand the site better
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Google AMP

Built-in Accelerated Mobile Pages support in EasyBlog helps improvise search engine rankings immediately
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Sitemap Integrations

Integrates with JSitemap and OSMap sitemap extensions out of the box
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Facebook Instant Articles

Prepare for metaverse by ensuring that all your posts and articles are ready for instant articles on Facebook
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SEF Integrations

If your site runs on third-party sef solutions such as SH404 or JoomSEF, EasyBlog integrates with them out of the box
For sites that are powered by SH404, EasyBlog also integrates with SH404 out of the box
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Artio JoomSEF
EasyBlog integrates with Artio JoomSEF out of the box with our own plugin for JoomSEF
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Metadata Management

Authors can manage and edit the metadata for each posts individually when editing the post with the composer
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Advanced Routing Settings

The advanced routing settings allows you to have greater control on how SEF urls are generated on the site
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