UPDATES EasyBlog 6.0.11 Released! Update to the latest version now!

New in EasyBlog 6.0

Redesigned Composer
The composer has been redesigned for better user experience for your authors.
Inline Editing  ✏️
Includes a built-in inline editor which helps access your formatting tools easily.
Import from Google Drive
Import posts by selecting your existing Google Document files.
Convert Posts to Templates
Easily convert existing posts to re-usable post templates.
Video Post Covers
Use external videos from Youtube or Vimeo as your post covers.
Mandatory Post Covers
Standardize layout by enforcing authors to pick a post cover for their posts.
Reusable Blocks
Save precious time by saving existing blocks as re-usable blocks.
TikTok Block
Allow authors to easily embed TikTok videos right into their post.
Lottie Block
Authors may add lightweight animations into their posts using this block.
Authors may insert puns into their posts using this block.
Polls Block
Create polls and view the poll results right from the dashboard.
Twitch Block
Allow authors to easily embed Twitch videos right into their post.
EasySocial Videos Block
Allow authors to easily embed EasySocial videos right into their post.
Apple Music & Podcast Block
Embed Apple Music, Podcasts and Albums right into the post with this block.
Dark Mode Support  🌓
Authors can switch between dark and light mode right from the composer.
Quote Block
Quote block has been updated with modern and updated styles.
Alerts Block
Alerts block has been updated with modern and updated styles.
Notes Block
A block that renders a note in a beautiful and elegant design.
Rule Block
Updated to include several new modern design.
Simplified Date Fields
The date time input has been redesigned for better user experience.
User Preferences
Composer will now remember your preferences when you are using the composer.
Media Manager
Redesigned Media Manager
Brand new media manager redesigned from the ground up to simplify media management.
Image Watermarking
Apply watermarks for images uploaded via the media manager of EasyBlog.
ImageMagick Support
EasyBlog 6.0 supports ImageMagick out of the box, providing better image compression.
With Unsplash, authors can lookup for royalty free images right from the media manager.
Simple Image Editor
The all-new media manager now supports simple image editing.
Drag Support
Drag support now allows authors to easily select multiple images at once.
Webp Images
EasyBlog 6.0 is all about performance! It now supports .webp images out of the box.
Reduced Image Variations
To use less storage space, image variations has been reduced in EasyBlog 6.
Brand New Toolbar
EasyBlog 6 now uses StackIdeas Toolbar to ensure uniformity across our extensions.
Post Listing Styles
Choose between standard, grid or masonry layouts for post listings.
Featured Styles
We have added 8 different featured styles that you can choose from.
Post Styles
Choose between 4 different post styles. Handy when you need different post styles.
Login to Read
Viewing restricted pages no longer enforces any redirection for SEO perks.
Redesigned E-mail Templates
All e-mail designs are now unified across the rest of our extensions.
Redesigned Dashboard
The dashboard was also redesigned to provide a more simplified UI for your authors.
Search Enhancements
Built-in search now supports tagging and ability to sort search results.
Related Posts
Related posts can now be sorted by popularity of posts.
Reaction Icons
Reaction iconset has been updated to Twemoji iconset.
Joomla 3.x & Joomla 4.x Support
Works out of the box with Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x
Redesigned Administration Area
Redesigned administration section for a more unifying look throughout our extensions.
Module Management
Manage and install modules on the fly on the built-in module management section.
Default Fonts for Composer
Set a default font for composer to have a unifying look across posts on the site.
Category Auto-posting
Setup different auto-posting options dependent on the category it is posted under.
Language Associations  🌍
Language flags associated with posts are now rendered alongside the posts.
Default Post Cover for Categories
Posts will inherit these default covers if they do not have a post cover.
More Image Quality Settings
Configure image quality settings for more image sets
Disable FontAwesome
Turn off FontAwesome if your template already renders them.
Redesigned Setup Experience
The setup experience in EasyBlog 6 has been redesigned to have similar look & feel.
You can now embed EasyBlog posts on your Yootheme Pages using this brand new plugin.
Embed EasyBlog Posts addon when building your pages using SP Page Builder.
PHP 8.x Support
EasyBlog 6.0 supports PHP 5.x, 7.x & 8.x out of the box.
Performance Optimization
Up to 150% smaller javascript file sizes compared to prior versions
FontAwesome 5.x
FontAwesome iconset has been updated to version 5.x.
Preloaded Post Covers
In an effort to rank better in SEO, cover images will now be pre-loaded.
Updated Swipe Library
The all new swipe library enhances the swiping behavior for galleries

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