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Love Joomla but hate the authoring experience?
EasyBlog solves all that and even better!

Built-in Editor

The built-in editor in EasyBlog provides an easy-to-use drag & drop authoring experience. Authoring has never been easier.
Block-based Editor
Worry about your content and EasyBlog will take care of the rest
EasyBlog Composer Block Screenshot
Editor Blocks
Embed blocks by dragging & dropping the blocks into the editor canvas
EasyBlog Composer Blocks Screenshot
Block Properties
Easily customize and tweak block properties within the composer
EasyBlog Composer Properties Screenshot

Built-in Editor Blocks

This is a list of all available blocks included with the built-in editor
Heading to help visitors and search engines understand the structure of the content
Insert a paragraph of text for the content of your post
Separate structure of the content within their own tabs
Structure blocks in the content into multiple columns
Insert a table into your content to share data and charts
Structure multiple blocks together in a section. Create reusable sections
Create hidden or visible blocks using the accordion block
Insert an alert on your post. Includes 4 different note styles
Insert a note into your post.
Provide quoted text visual emphasis. Includes 4 different unique styles
Prompt visitors to take action with a group of button-styled links
Displays a simple preview of the link within the post
Display code snippets in your post. Works with most programming languages
Insert an image in your content. Includes 7 different image styles to choose from
Insert a beautiful gallery by selecting multiple images
Displays multiple images in a grid layout. Choose a stacked or grid layout
Embeds a video player in the post using existing or new video files
Embeds an audio player in the post using existing or new audio files
Embed any other download-able files on the web with a download button
Embed PDF file with a built-in PDF viewer on the post
Provide visitors with a comparison between different image blocks
Write your own custom html codes when you need to
Horizontal Rule
Create a break between sections with a horizontal separator
Insert a break point to distinguish between the intro text and full text
Page Break Separator
Separate contents on the post with the page break separator
Joomla Module
Embed modules from the site in your blog post
Embed Gist widgets from Github in your post
Embed stylish Instagram widgets in your post
Embed Spotify music player widgets in your post
Showcase creative works by embedding Behance widget in your post
Embed Soundcloud music player in your blog post
Showcase your Codepen ideas by embedding widgets in your post
Embed or quote a Tweet by using the Tweet widget in your post
Showcase and embed Pinterest widgets in your post
Embed a Youtube video player in your post. Includes additional player settings
Embeds videos from Vimeo with its own video player in your post
Daily Motion
Embed Daily Motion video player in your blog post
Embed inspiring TED videos in your blog post
Embed Metacafe video player in your blog post by entering the links to the video
Embed Facebook posts in your blog post by sharing the link to the post
Sendy Newsletter
Embed a subscription form for Sendy newsletters in your blog post
Embed GIPHY GIFs and stickers in your blog post
Embed a polling form in the post using the Polls block
Embed interactive TikTok posts in your blog post
Include unique and flashy animations with Lottie in the post
Embed podcasts, music, album and playlist from Apple Music
Embed live streams, video on demand, clip or chat from Twitch

Multiple Categories

EasyBlog supports multiple categories for your posts. You can associate a post with multiple categories on the site.
Intuitive Category Browser
Easily browse and select categories as well as setting a primary category for your post
EasyBlog composer category browser

Post Scheduling

EasyBlog also supports post scheduling. You can set the desired publishing date and time for each of your posts
EasyBlog Editor Scheduled Posts

Multi-Lingual Support

Associate posts with different languages on the site.
It works hand-in-hand with the Language Switcher from Joomla!
EasyBlog Editor Multi Lingual


Of course, without tags support, a blog is not truly a blog.
EasyBlog includes tagging support and tags can be added automatically too!
EasyBlog Editor Tags

Custom Fields

Need to enhance your blog posts with additional custom fields? ✅
EasyBlog supports it out of the box.
EasyBlog Composer Custom Fields

Post Revisions

Take advantage of the robust post revisions in EasyBlog to have greater control over the history of the post
With the built-in revisions, authors would no longer need to worry if they make accidental changes
EasyBlog Composer Post Revisions Screenshot
Compare between the latest copy and older copies of the blog post seamlessly
EasyBlog Composer Compare Screenshot


Integrates with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Google Places and FourSquare to allow authors to associate posts with a location
EasyBlog Screenshot

Post Covers

Associate images or videos for post covers
Post covers will automatically appear along with the post
EasyBlog Screenshot

Post Templates

Post templates help reduce redundant steps which most author takes during the initial stages of authoring
Post Templates
Create re-usable post templates to allow authors to use ready templates for their posts
EasyBlog Composer Post Templates Screenshot
Block Templates
Create re-usable block templates so that authors could easily re-use existing blocks instead
EasyBlog Composer Post Templates Screenshot
Import from Google Docs
Import documents that you have created from Google Docs into EasyBlog easily
EasyBlog Composer Import from Google Docs Screenshot

Quick Postings

Quick postings is useful when you need to quickly pen down your thoughts or want to add a quick post
EasyBlog Screenshot


Should you wish to stick to the standard WYSIYG editors, EasyBlog supports that too! This includes TinyMCE, JCE or any other Joomla editors.
EasyBlog WYSIWYG Editors


Allow authors to switch between light or dark interface when they are composing with the composer
EasyBlog Screenshot

Keyboard Shortcuts

Essential keyboard shortcuts in the composer to help authors forget that they have a mouse
EasyBlog Screenshot

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