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PayPlans 5.0.1 Released

PayPlans 5.0.1 Released

🥳 🎉 After months of rigorous testing and feedback from our customers, we are proud to announce the availability of PayPlans 5.0.1.

Here are the recaps of the most anticipated features in PayPlans 5:

  Back-end Updates

'Feels like home' phrase would come to mind when navigating through PayPlans 5 back-end as we gave it a new look that has the familiar design and concept of the rest of our extensions. 

  Front-end Updates

Similar to the back-end, our front-end is now also powered by the Foundry framework which in turn ensures the same design language is used.

  Exporting & Importing Users

Users migration in PayPlans has never been easier with the new mechanism that allows site owners to perform either export or import their users from a CSV file format.

  New Payment Integrations

Payment Integrations

In PayPlans 5, we have added Paddle and Stripe Checkout to the Payment Method troops. Not to forget that we have also extended the behavior of Robokassa and FastSpring payment method to support recurring payments as well.

  Redesigned Payment Options

Redesigned Payment Options

When it comes to payment, we just can't stop improvising. We have decided to also redesign the payment options to give users a better overview of the available payment methods they can choose to checkout.

  Previous releases 

From a redesign overall looks to a user experience enhancement, PayPlans 5 will improve the entire purchase experience. If you have not been following the progress and updates for PayPlans 5, here are the timelines and information about each of the releases:

  Changes in this release 

If you have been following the beta and release candidate releases, you may also want to keep track of the changes in this release.

  • Users now able to include PayPlans details when downloading EasySocial User Data  🆕
  • Addressed issue with missing add-ons on the checkout page in Joomla 4
  • Addressed issue with duplicate Cart Abandonment notification emails
  • Fixed inaccurate total sales units on the sales statistics page
  • Fixed Admin and Not-registered users no longer included on the member statistics page
  • Creating Add-on rule for specific plans in the back-end now works properly
  • Fixed incorrect invoice amount on recurring billing with a renewal discount

  Updating to PayPlans 5.0.1 

  ** Updated: PayPlans 5.0.3 **

Due to deprecated CSS classes in PayPlans 5, some sites with template override has been reported showing deprecated notice on some of the pages. Basically, if your template overrides contain the following classes, you'll need to update them accordingly.

  • o-grid
  • o-grid__cell
  • o-form-group--float
  • o-control-label

In PayPlans 5.0.3 release, your template override files will be moved to a backup folder. You can read more about it here. Apart from that, we have also included several fixes to address reported issues from the previous releases:

  • Addressed issue with editor-xtd button popup doesn't properly display in Joomla 4
  • Fixed custom.css file not loaded in front end
  • Fixed issue with Plans and Groups selection in Plans menu item configuration page
  • Fixed issue with missing Price Variations on Plans Module
  • Fixed issue with multiple GDPR emails being sent to users
  • Check out the changelog for the full changes
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