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PayPlans 5.0 Beta Released

PayPlans 5.0 Beta Released

It has been a hectic month for us here at StackIdeas and I would like to take this opportunity to share the progress of PayPlans 5.0 beta with you in case you haven't already seen it on our beta section.

Back-end Updates 

The back-end of PayPlans 5.0 will now also share the same design language across the rest of our extensions as they are now powered by our very own Foundry Framework.

Redesigned Statistics Panels

Redesigned Statistics

The entire statistics area at the back-end of PayPlans 5.0 has been redesigned from the ground up. We have also simplified the way these statistics are shown to give you a much better overview of your current progress.

New Member Statistics

New Member Statistics

Apart from the user interface changes on the statistics panel, we have also added additional statistics especially in the 'members area' to give you a better overview of sign-up rates across your site.

Exporting Users

Exporting Users

In this release, we have also added the ability for site owners to export their users in a CSV file format.

Importing Users

Importing Users

Accompanying the export feature, you will now be able to import users by uploading a CSV file too. The imported users can also be associated with subscriptions automatically.

Front-end Updates 

Similarly, our front-end is now also powered by Foundry framework which in turn ensures the same design language is used across our extensions.

Sales Popup

Sales Popup Notification

With the all-new sales popup in PayPlans 5, increase conversion rates across your site when someone subscribes to a plan on the site.


Paddle Payments

We have been working hard at adding additional payment gateways and our team worked with Paddle to provide additional payment methods in PayPlans by integrating with Paddle.

Fastspring with Recurring Payments

Recurring Subscriptions with Fastspring

Prior to this update, PayPlans already has integrations with Fastspring's Storefront. We have now extended its functionality by adding support for recurring subscriptions. All you need to do is to create new recurring subscriptions on Fastspring's end.

Apart from the brand-new recurring payments, we have now also added the capability to automatically fire up Fastspring checkout form when using the Storefront method.

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout
is a pre-built hosted payment page optimized for conversions. We have added this new payment method for those who prefer to opt to use the checkout system from Stripe Checkout instead.

Robokassa Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments with Robokassa

We have also extended the behavior of Robokassa payment method to support recurring payments as well.

Redesigned Payment Options

Payment Selector

We have decided to also redesign the payment options to give users a better overview of the available payment methods they can choose to checkout.

Viewing Access for Plans

Viewing Access for Plans

You can now limit availability of plans on PayPlans to specific user groups on the site. If you have multiple user groups like Teachers, Students and Parents, you can now display the respective plans to them.

VAT Updates

VAT Updates

PayPlans 5.0 will now automatically detect the country of origin based on the VAT ID submitted during the checkout process.

Email Notification for Renewals

Email Notifications for Renewals

PayPlans 5.0 also adds the capability to send notification emails to subscribers who successfully renew their subscriptions. This is explicitly only for renewals.


Applications in PayPlans 5.0 are no longer hard-coded. It will now fire event triggers for Joomla plugins to be able to hook and register itself on PayPlans with the following triggers:

  • onAppListing - Listing of apps when adding a new app
  • onPaymentListing - Listing of payment methods when adding a new payment
  • onAutomationListing - Listing of automation rules when adding a new automation

Price Variation

Price Variations

The term Dynamic Modifier has always been confusing. It is even more confusing when it is used alongside plans. We have now decided to rename dynamic modifiers to Price Variation to solve the confusion around dynamic modifiers.

GDPR Enhancements

GDPR Enhancements

To further comply with the requirements of GDPR, PayPlans 5.0 will now also include a delete account button to allow them to request for their account to be deleted from the site.

Other Notable Changes

Below is the list of other changes added in PayPlans 5.0:

  • Added support for multi-lingual custom notifications 🆕
  • Added native breadcrumbs support for Joomla 🆕
  • Added select all and none filters while filtering for articles in article restriction app 🆕
  • Added new setting in Content ACL App to define a custom login url 🆕
  • Added new setting in the Plan Module to support Cancel and Return URL 🆕
  • Added new setting to hide free invoices. This would hide invoices when admin assigns subscription to a user 🆕
  • Added new settings to turn off company name and Tax ID for sites that do not use them 🆕
  • Added new settings to turn Fontawesome on or off 🆕
  • Added new settings to allow admin to set business tax rate without a VAT number the VAT app 🆕
  • Added the ability to disable billing details when setup a free plan 🆕
  • Added EasySocial Group Admin Assignment app to assign / remove EasySocial Group's admin role based on user's subscription status 🆕
  • Added EasySocial Page Admin Assignment app to assign / remove EasySocial Page's admin role based on user's subscription status 🆕
  • Allow combining discount option is now hidden when multiple discounts are not enabled to reduce confusion
  • Fixed issue with not being able to filter users without any plans
  • Searching for invoices and subscriptions is no longer case sensitive
  • Prevent users from submitting multiple payments against the same invoice
  • Major css cleanup throughout PayPlans 5
  • Removed Wirecard payment provider since they are now insolvent
  • Billing details during checkout does not validate correctly
  • Fixed issue with not being able to delete download requests from the back-end
  • Fixed issue with installer generating errors when sample data is being initialized
  • Fixed issue where user logs are not appearing under the subscription logs
  • PayPlans Toolbar will now be deprecated and will be replaced with StackIdeas Toolbar module

Get PayPlans 5.0 Beta

PayPlans 5.0 Beta is available now by clicking on the download link below. As always, we strongly recommend that you install beta versions on a staging site rather than your live site.

Happy Testing!

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