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Maintenance Update for EasyDiscuss

Maintenance Update for EasyDiscuss

It has been a while since EasyDiscuss received an update. EasyDiscuss 4.1.7 update puts together a couple of new minor features, improvements, refinements, and bug fixes too.

Comments Ordering

Site admin has the option to sort comments on the post entry page, it can be in the order from the latest or even from the oldest. 

Improved Post Filter

The discussion posts in EasyDiscuss can now be easily filtered by its status, both at the backend and frontend.

Apart from the new features mentioned above, here are just some of the other fixes and improvements included:

  • ?  LinkedIn V2 API for auto-posting is now supported

  • ?  Site admin can now set the number of comments to be shown on first load 

  • ? Added category filter support for the most hits discussions module

  • ? Added category filter support for the most likes discussions module

  • ? Admin can now filter categories in the recent replies module

  • ? Added a menu item for EasyDiscuss discussions created under EasySocial groups

  • Updated the latest API for Gist integration

  • The built-in migrator for Kunena can now properly migrate its category descriptions

  • Addressed a possible page load performance issue viewing a discussion page

  • Akismet will properly checks for possible spam in new replies

  • Badges will no longer be shown when it is disabled

Upgrade to EasyDiscuss 4.1.7

Upgrading to the latest version of EasyDiscuss is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is to click on the 'Update Now' button on EasyDiscuss's administration section. Otherwise, you can also download the launcher or full package installer right from your dashboard, and then run the installation like you normally would.

Should you need any assistance at all, do feel free to contact us. Happy updating folks! :)

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