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Maintenance Update Available for EasyDiscuss

Maintenance Update Available for EasyDiscuss

Today, we would like to present you with a maintenance update for EasyDiscuss.

EasyDiscuss 4.1.3 now has an updated ACL, which allows and disallows user from creating new tags. Apart from that, this update addresses mostly bug fixes, some refinements and minor enhancements as well. Do refer to our changelog to view the full list of changes. 

For sites that are running on EasyDiscuss 4.1.x, all you have to do is hit the single click updater at the back-end, and you are good to go. Otherwise, for prior releases to EasyDiscuss 4.0.x, it is recommended to download the full installer and run the installation as you normally would. 

On that note, get excited as we have other exciting updates prepared for you next week, so stay tuned! ;)


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Great job. Post Priorities & Post Types fields must be available on ES story form too, don't you agree?

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Cristian Cristian

Exactly, at this time this is the reason why I disabled discuss/Easydiscus app in the ES story in app settings.

Thanks for the input on this Cristian

And EasyDiscuss Page App ;)

Thanks for your input on this Philippe. We are in the midst of pushing out huge updates next week :)

When we have more time we will look into this :)

Ok good :)

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