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Some updates on Komento 3.1

Some updates on Komento 3.1

TGIF folks! We would like to bring you through some of the exciting features in store for the upcoming Komento 3.1 release. Read on to learn more. 

GDPR Compliance

Front-end view
Back-end view

In light of GDPR update across all of our core products, Komento 3.1 now has a brand new front-end dashboard which allows user to easily access download or remove personal data made on the site. The table below is the rundown of data that can be downloaded or removed directly from the page itself.

Download  Removal
​User comments User comments
​​User activities ​​User activities
User subscriptions​User subscriptions

Brand New Frontend Dashboard 

​Our GDPR initiative for Komento 3.1 brings forth a spanking new front-end dashboard, it serves as a page for users to view all of their comments listing, and also a place for users to submit data download or removal request to the site moderators.

Brand New UX

Dropdown menu

Opportunities were given to us with every product update, to brainstorm and explore areas in our products that can be improved. Therefore, it's given that Komento 3.1 was carefully thought through. It not only has an amazing facelift, updated UX, but also workflows that are precisely articulated.

Updated Comment Form

Comment form with attachments
Comment form with background selections

I believe this point will be the main highlight for everyone. Our designers did an impressive job don't they? The new and updated comment form in Komento 3.1 not only has a background selections in which moderators could configure from the back-end, but also a new emoji picker on the textarea for more fun and creative comments. 

Single Click Updater 

If you happened to notice our recent "update trends", coupled with the updated version of EasyDiscuss, EasySocial, EasyBlog, and now Komento 3.1, this make upgrades in between every releases effortless and less time consuming as possible. 

Invisible recaptcha

Front-end view
Back-end view

What's more important than having a great commenting extension? An extension that doesn't lack in terms of security, or in other words, spam protection. Komento 3.1 is equipped with the latest version of recaptcha develop by Google - invisible reCAPTCHA.

Not only it has better security, but also doesn't require you to go through the human verification, which can be very annoying and troublesome at times. 

Author & Admin Label

It can be frustrating at times to identify whether the person responded to your comments might or might not be the admin or author of the article. Komento 3.1 will now have Author or/and Admin label respectively right beside their names, not only it makes identifying admins or authors easy, but users can also address or bring attention to right people accordingly. 


Now comes the million dollar question, when will Komento 3.1 be ready? Sadly enough we do not have a definite ETA for Komento 3.1 just yet, but works are already in progress. So, stay tuned as we have other exciting news are coming your way.

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