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Komento 3.1 Released

Komento 3.1 Released

Today, we are super thrilled to be presenting you with Komento 3.1. So, without further a-do, let's go through a short recap of some of the highlights in this release. 

GDPR Compliant 

Download section in the dashboard area

If you don't already know, GDPR is the new EU regulation that kick-started in May 25, 2018. The new regulation is a replacement of the outdated Data Protection Directive 1995, to protect the personal data and privacy of all EU citizens. Inevitably, the consequences for non-compliant companies are at stake. 

With this in mind, we have implemented the necessary cause of action to avoid any unfavorable outcome. Users are now able to easily download comments, subscriptions, and activities from the site. 

Brand New Dashboard

Komento 3.1 Dashboard

Now that Komento 3.1 is GDPR compliant, users have access to the dashboard to view their comments listing as well as a page to submit their data download requests. 

Label For Author & Admin

Admin/Author labels

As you can see from the screenshot above, this nifty feature displays and labels both authors and admins of the comments. Not only it's easy to identify the person in charge, but it's also easier to address matters properly and more effectively.

Single Click Updater

Single click updater at the back-end

Many of us, including myself, personally felt that upgrading Windows/macOS can be a very painful process, especially when it takes up a lot of time or involved some sort of "clicking effort". Upgrading from Komento 3.1 onwards will not only be much faster, but also effortless as well.

Invisible reCAPTCHA

Invisible reCAPTCHA

Similar to what we did for the other extensions, we applied the latest version of recaptcha into Komento 3.1. Not only it keeps away spam comments from populating your site, but also it skipped the hassle of hitting the I'm not a robot step. 

 Brand New UX

Brand New UX in Komento 3.1

Now this gets interesting, putting aside all the fancy functionality and usability aspect for a moment. Komento 3.1 runs on its newly revamped and improved UX, that came about from all the improvise works from its predecessor. All in all, it's less obstructive and works seamlessly with the newly added features too. 

Brand New Comment Form 

Background selections on the new comment form

While the revamped interface of Komento 3.1 improved the overall usability, it shines especially in the comment form area. It's now looking clean, neat and user friendly commenting form. To top it off, moderators can also a variety of background selections from the back-end, and it will be reflected at the dropdown as shown on the screenshot above. 

Minimized Comments  

Minimized comment

At times, offensive or disrespectful comments might pop-up here and there. Beside going for the notion of removing/deleting comments, moderators now have the option to quickly minimize comments at the front-end. When a comment gets minimized, they will remain minimized all the time.


If you are rather familiar with our product updates, upgrading to Komento 3.1 is really simple. All you have to do is download the full installer found on your dashboard and run the installation like you usually do.

Also, don't forget to also check out the full list of changes at our Komento changelog. Should you require any assistance at all, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Let's Celebrate!

To celebrate yet another amazing milestone, we are throwing in 10% discount on any new purchases of Komento with the coupon code HELLOKT31 ​for the next 3 days. Do note that the coupon code is only valid for FastSpring transactions. Stay tuned and happy updating folks!

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