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Komento 4.0 RC1

Komento 4.0 RC1
We are starting our brand new year with a brand new release of Komento 4.0 RC1. 

Changes in 4.0 RC1

In this release, we have added quite a number of bug fixes and improvements and the changes are listed below:
  • Updated submenus in Joomla administration area to reflect correct menu items on the back-end
  • Fixed article routes for multi lingual pages
  • Removed the use of hashbang (#!) in pagination permalinks since Google no longer relies on this AJAX crawling method
  • Upgrading from v3.1.5 will no longer show legacy tabs
  • Fixed issue with action button not rendering dropdown when comment contains a quote

Introducing Komento Free Edition

To celebrate this release, we are introducing a free version of Komento! We would like to invite users to download and try out the free version of Komento 4.0. It is a community edition and has less functionality in comparison with the Pro edition:

Community Edition Pro / Developer Edition
All base features All base feature
Live notifications
Giphy browser
Emoji picker
Dark mode
Language installer
Single-click updater
Push notifications
Instant comments
Support up to 1 domain
Absolutely Free!Starting from only $25

Both paid and free versions of Komento 4.0 RC1 will be available starting today! To access the free version, all you need to do is to login to our site and download a copy of the free version by clicking on the link below.


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2022 is your years Stackteam !!
thanks for the recent updates.
cant wait for the easydiscuss revamp !!!

Thank you

Great Great job!

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Thank you

Hows this new version coming along for Joomla4..still in testing? I assume no previous versions are compatible w/ J4?

Testing is still underway but we are pretty happy with the progress of Komento and it should be safe to install it on your site.

Yes, the only version compatible with J4 is with Komento 4.

Is Mosets Tree Integration available still? Looks like j4 documentation (when available) will be a little different that j3.x?

Yes, it is still available. Documentation for J4 and J3 should be identicaly

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