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Introducing EasyDiscuss 4.1

Introducing EasyDiscuss 4.1

Ever since the rollout of GDPR on May 25th, 2018, the team has been busy updating our core extensions to comply with the new EU regulations. Due to that, we would like to announce the availability of EasyDiscuss 4.1 today. 

GDPR Compliance 


Very similar to what we just did for EasySocial 2.2, EasyDiscuss in itself stores a fair bit of personal data and it's not an excuse for taking users' personal data for granted. 

Starting from EasyDiscuss 4.1, users will have the freedom to download their account data in a zip file. 
Beside downloading data, users are also allowed to delete their account from the site should they decide to. The list below is the breakdown on the data that can be removed or downloaded by users.

Removal  Deletion
​Profile ​Profile
​Discussion posts​Discussion posts

Unified Toolbar

After an amazing response from EasyBlog 5.2 update, we thought it would be a great idea to unify the toolbar across all our extensions therefore implementing in EasyDiscuss 4.1 update as well. 

Invisible Recaptcha 

reCaptcha on ticket creation

With the new invisible recaptcha in EasyDiscuss 4.1 reduce the hassle of ticking the checkbox to verify whether or not that you are in fact human, which could be annoying at times. 

Updated Search Bar

Search bar with a dropdown

We have also updated the search bar in EasyDiscuss 4.1 with an easy-to-use dropdown that allows user to find any discussion post based on its post type. 

Single Click Updater

Single click updater at the back-end

The new single click updater is now available in EasyDiscuss 4.1, which makes upgrading in between every minor releases effortless, less time consuming and straightforward. So starting from EasyDiscuss 4.1.2, all you have to do is hit the Update Now when it pops up on your dashboard and you're good to go. 

Updated Discussion Front-page

Display badges on discussion front-page

EasyDiscuss 4.1 now reflects the individual badges on the post, this in return adds more credibility on the discussion posts. However, these badges will not be shown in Bubbles, Timeless and Zinc theme due to the placement of the username. 

Custom CSS

Admin can now conveniently edit their custom css directly from the back-end of EasyDiscuss 4.1, reducing the need to manually create or access the custom css file in the template's folder

LinkedIn OAuth 2 Support 

LinkedIn Sign-on

As we value your data and security, EasyDiscuss 4.1 now runs on OAuth 2 to support LinkedIn API, that not only follows the latest standard of authentication but also a secure way of granting permission access to the information needed. 

Major Refactoring

The team has successfully shaved off about 20% off the full installer size, it is now standing at 159kb (previously 171kb) for launcher package and 5 MB (previously 6.2MB) for the full installer. This was made possible by refactoring and enhancements to the codebase of EasyDiscuss. EasyDiscuss 4.1 will not only be leaner, faster but optimized better to run on Joomla 3.8.x.

Minor Bug Fixes 

EasyDiscuss 4.1 is not completed without the collectively bug fixes reported by our support customers. Together with team, we would like to extend our gratitude for your amazing support and appreciation for the joint efforts to eliminate these annoying bugs progressively. 

Upgrading to EasyDiscuss 4.1

You know the drill, it is recommended to download the full installer for EasyDiscuss 4.1 update and run the installation as you normally would, rest assured that your data and settings will remain intact. If you need any help at all, feel free to get in touch with us and our support team will be there to assist you as soon as they could. 

Let's celebrate!

​Last but not least, you will be pleased to know that we are offering a whopping 25% discount for both new purchases of EasyDiscuss and EasyDiscuss renewals with the coupon code HELLOED41 only the next 3 days. Happy upgrading folks! :)

P/S: Note that 35% coupon code is only applicable for FastSpring transactions only. 

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