EasySocial Native App 1.0.3

EasySocial Native App 1.0.3

​Today, our team released another huge update for the EasySocial Native App. This release includes quite a number of exciting new features as well as multiple of improvements over the prior release.

​New Features & Improvements: 

These are the highlights of the changes for EasySocial Native App 1.0.3​ 

  • Added ability to delete comments ?
  • Added new post indicator on the dashboard view ? 
  • Images & GIFs can now display in the comments ?
  • Forgot Username or Password screen is now available ?
  • User can now change their username in the edit profile view ?
  • Administrator can now specify the ban duration when banning a user ?
  • Points no longer show in profile view when the points feature is disabled​
  • Administrator can now un-ban users from the user profile screen 
  • Addressed a translation issue on stream item menu options 
  • Disabled RSVP event options will no longer display in the native app 
  • Group, Page and Event admins can now see pending requests to join their respective pages
  • Error no longer occurs on event category listing when featured events are available
  • Certain views can no longer be accessed when their respective feature is disabled on EasySocial
  • Audio feature will now respect its settings in EasySocial
  • Category listing will display correct message when there are only featured items available for Group, Pages and Events
  • View the full list of changes over the Changelog

Updating Your EasySocial Native App

To update to the latest build, you just need to follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Update the REST API Plugin to the latest version (v1.0.4)
  2. Update the Push Notification App to the latest version (v1.0.4)
  3. Head over to Titan to create a new build and you are good to go!


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Thank you for the update!
here is another list of integrations that are very useful for development :)
1. Login and register via the Facebook button.
2. The Integration Of Admob.

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Kirill Kirill

i think at first would be lang files who are listed in JSON files.

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