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EasySocial Rest API (Deprecated)

EasySocial Rest API (Deprecated)

NOTE: This plugin has already been deprecated since ES Native 5.0 in favor of the new Foundry REST API Plugin.

In order to use the EasySocial Native app, this plugin must be installed and enabled on your site. It is used to connect and retrieve data from your site.

Install this with Joomla Extension Manager just like other plugins. Once the plugin is installed, ensure that it is published under the plugins list.

Version 4.0.10
- Bug fixes

Version 4.0.8
- Bug fixes for EasySocial Native version 4.7

Version 4.0.7
- Added compatibility fix with Conversation Native App version 2.7
- Bug fixes

Version 4.0.6
- Added support for Marketplace advanced search
- Bug fixes

Version 4.0.5
- Added single updater functionality.
- Fixed issue with fetching new message not working correctly if SSE is disabled.

Version 4.0.4
- Bug fixes

Version 4.0.2
- Added support for ES Native Version 4.2

Version 4.0.1
- Added support for EasySocial 4.0.
- Added support for ES Native Version 4.1.
- Dropped support for ES Native 3.x and below. (User must use ES Native version 4.x and above in order for the app to function correctly)

Version 2.0.1
- Added support for ES Native Version 3.1

Version 1.0.8
- Added support for ES Native Version 2.0

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Reviews (2)

You have the wrong installation file linked to the download
Freebody Mensah, on 3rd Oct, 2021
When I download it still gives me old Version 4.0.6 and not 4.0.7...

Hello William,

Kindly please re-upload or update it via the single click updater as the incorrect package was used in the uploader earlier.

— Reply from owner on Monday, 04 October 2021
can we use this api to connect other apps to easysocial or easybolg ?
Udi Naamani, on 6th May, 2020
can we use this api to connect other apps to easysocial or easybolg ? BR Udi ERTINET...

No, this is only for EasySocial specifically.

— Reply from owner on Wednesday, 06 May 2020

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