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EasySocial 3.2.14 released with over 50+ changes

EasySocial 3.2.14 released with over 50+ changes

We have just released an update for EasySocial to address some of the issues encountered from the previous release.

Honeypot Trap ?

Honeypot Trap

When your site starts attracting users, it attracts spammers! With the honeypot trap technique that is included in this release, it helps curb spam rates by up to 90% (We have run some tests on several sites).

New Twitch TV Integrations

Twitch TV with EasySocial

As Twitch has introduced a new set of APIs, you will no longer be able to embed Twitch videos on your site unless you create an app on Twitch

Sidebar Placements

Sidebar Placement

With this release, you can now configure the placement of the sidebar (either left or right) for the dashboard and profile pages.

PWA Theme Color (Progressive Web App)

Theme for PWA

At the back-end, you may now configure the theme color for your Progressive Web App for Android devices.

Search Filters

Filtering Improvements

Prior to this release, filtering has been very useful when you only have a couple of dropdown items but when you have a whole list of filters to choose from, it becomes really tedious to search for a filter. In this release, we have simplified the operation by allowing you to search for a filter. ?

Apart from these new exciting functionality, we have also implemented over 50+ different fixes and improvements to address issues from its prior release:

  • ? Added a new Last sign in date column in user's listing
  • ? You can now configure the visibility of the steps bar during registrations
  • ? You can now configure My Photos module to only render featured photos
  • ? Added new triggers onEasySocialSelectCategory whenever the user tries to create a new item when selecting a category for event, pages or groups
  • ? Event iCal format now supports rich text format for Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Updated integrations with Windows Azure Translation to work with its latest API
  • Fixed javascript errors on the page when integrated with Open Street Maps
  • Fixed photo icon showing up on toolbar in Vortex theme
  • Fixed issue with digest e-mails not rendering correct hyperlink for activities
  • Optimized process for starting a mass message to more than 1,000 users
  • Fixed issue with the path to files if site runs on a chroot environment
  • Updated user experience for table listings at the back-end
  • Fixed an issue when editing a post with GIPHY
  • Fixed errors generated on the title of the group filters
  • Fixed issue with activity stream ordering when a comment is posted on a photo in an aggregated photos list
  • Fixed issue with users not being sorted correctly when admin is trying to sort by the users ID
  • Fixed possible issue when an event is deleted at the back end
  • Addressed performance issue when Amazon S3 storage is being used
  • Fixed e-mail template that is used when a user is banned
  • Fixed issue with file custom field not being responsive
  • EasySocial Sharing button now works with SH404
  • Fixed issue with EasySocial installer plugin not installed when installing or upgrading EasySocial causing issues with the single click updater not functioning correctly
  • User points will now be applied when a comment is removed from the video
  • Fixed issue with Events iCal export not working correctly when there is a line break in the description of the event
  • Fixed integration issue with ConverseKit on user listings
  • User points will now be correctly applied to users when their photo album or photo is deleted from the site
  • Standardized Featured titles throughout EasySocial
  • Fixed issue with mp4 files not being uploaded due to the case sensitivity of the file extension
  • Fixed issue with Events module not displaying event date when using horizontal layout
  • Create Event button should only be visible if the user truly can create an event
  • Fixed issue with comment participants not getting notified when there are more than 2 people in a thread
  • Fixed issue with recurring events not inheriting cover photo
  • When admin posts are excluded from the site, EasySocial will no longer notify users of the admin's post in the event, group or pages
  • User points are only awarded once for video creation (upload or external videos)
  • Fixed possible issue with multiple users being invited into a conversation
  • Admin module will now display statistics about audio files
  • Added "new-password" autocomplete attribute to prevent auto-completion by password managers trying to autofill passwords
  • Fixed issue with notifications displaying language constants when user comments on the post cover or picture of a group, event or page
  • Prevent parsing new urls by Liveleak as videos 
  • Event start date will be used as is without any offset modifications regardless of the origins of the country hosting the event
  • Checkout the changelog for the full changes

Apps Updated

Along with this release, the team has also released the following apps. Do remember to update these apps too!

Updating to EasySocial 3.2.14

Updating EasySocial is a pretty straight-forward procedure. You can update EasySocial using the single click updater in Joomla or the back end of EasySocial. Alternatively, you can also download the latest version from your dashboard and install it just like how you normally install any extension.

Should you require any assistance, our awesome support team is always around

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