EasyDiscuss 4.1.13 Released

EasyDiscuss 4.1.13 Released

It's about time we show some ❤️ for EasyDiscuss and today, the team would like to present to you EasyDiscuss 4.1.13, which incorporates several important refinements as well as overdue bug fixes.

These are some of the refinements packed in this release:

  • Pending filter has been added in EasyDiscuss user profile & EasyDiscuss group app in EasySocial groups ?
  • Navigation module will now render correctly.
  • Attachments will now display on posts imported from mailbox.
  • All Posts link on category listing page is now visible to guests.
  • Replies from private posts are no longer searchable by non moderators.
  • EasyDiscuss no longer converts directory paths into permalinks.
  • Fixed formatting of content in email notifications (approved e-mails)
  • SEF will now route correctly when unicode alias option is disabled.
  • Fixed issue where brackets were removed from e-mail contents.
  • Addressed SQL query errors when behavior of Select Count is selected for pagination.
  • Syntax highlighting for code snippets will now render correctly on EasySocial's activity stream.
  • EasyDiscuss group app for EasySocial will now work without the EasyDiscuss user app.
  • Email content for WYSIWYG editors will now retain its HTML formatting when the truncation is disabled.
  • Data entered by the author is now re-populated when the form submission fails after creating posts from the backend.
  • Discussions are now transferred to orphaned item owners when existing discussion owner's user accounts are deleted.
  • More notes the detailed changelog

Update EasyDiscuss

Updating is as simple as clicking on the Update button on the administration section in EasyDiscuss. Alternatively, you can also download the launcher or the full package installer right from your dashboard, and then run the installation like you normally would.

Reach out to our friendly support team if you need any assistance ☎️

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Comments (4)

Hi SI Team

I bought the Easy Discuss group App a while ago. Would be interested in understanding how the following works specifically for the Group App?
"Pending filter has been added in EasyDiscuss user profile & EasyDiscuss group app in EasySocial groups"?



The app for user and group now lists a new "Pending" filter, https://monosnap.com/file/NCMaqaN5xcgBvPkNU5schzRH1xIlhX

Since it is a pending filter, it lists down pending posts.

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Mark Mark

Hi Mark, thanks. Makes a lot of sense

No problem Paul Cheers!

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