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Steps Activity Tracker with FitBit Integrations

Steps Activity Tracker with FitBit Integrations

Health activities are starting to gain traction and I am happy to announce the availability of the Steps Activity Tracker App, which is an activity tracker for steps with built-in integrations with FitBit to sync your daily activities with your FitBit devices.

Steps App

In a nutshell, the app allows users to link their daily activities with their favorite FitBit devices and also have the opportunity to manually add activities for users who don't own a FitBit device.

FitBit Integration

Integration with FitBit is completely optional as the App can work itself without requiring FitBit. However, this addition would definitely provide a seamless experience for your users as it would be able to synchronize with their favorite FitBit devices.

Manual Entries

In the event that your users would want to manually key in their activities, they could easily do it from the app too.

Manual Entry

Profile Widget

The app also generates a simple widget in the profile header to indicate the average steps the user has taken throughout the configured period of days in the settings.

Steps Activity Tracker Available Today!

The Steps Activity tracker app will be available today for the price of only $45. As usual, all app includes lifetime updates with access to our support. Let us know if you have any inquiries or questions by posting them under the comments section below!


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hi there

is it also possible to sync it with samsung health? cool idea

Currently it only synchronizes with FitBit. Samsung Health doesn't seem to have a web api therefore I don't think this could work unless they have a web api like FitBit.

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Mark Mark

Hello Mark,

Nice and interesting improvement. I am owner of Fitbit watch and account.

How about sync up with fitbit application, activities, heart, weight, ... Does it only sync up with steps on ES profile or is it more out?

It currently only synchronizes with the steps from your device. It will pull the daily steps statistics from your device

Thank you Mark for your answer. I am interested. I will buy this app because it could be interesting for my community.

Thank you for your support Tony!

This is a great idea.

Would like to see this app expand to include other things like heart, weight etc

Would love to see other apps like this.

Like a
food diary.
Exercise diary

Cheers, Adam

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your input !

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Eddie Chow Eddie Chow

Hi Mark,

Is it possible to have a leaderboard created for this app? Not asking to have it added with the app but if possible would be looking to have this as paid custom work. just want to know if its feasible?



We don't have a leaderboard but sure, if you want we can develop a module to generate a leaderboard by steps

Congratulations StackIdeas! Another app loaded full of your trademark quality and professionalism. This is a brilliant addition for a fitness orientated community. Wonderful.

Thank you so much Andy

Hi great addon!

But I will wait to buy this until it also have some other features said here like activities, heart, weight, ...if you go for that.Then the focus for users will not only be for excercise but also as a "healthy" control app that could be market towards your users as such. So pls post this on your future announcements when/if you update it with these features too...

Thanks for your input on this ssnobben

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