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EasyDiscuss 4.0.19 Updates

EasyDiscuss 4.0.19 Updates

About a week ago, we released a maintenance update for EasyBlog. To keep the momentum going, we would like to present you with EasyDiscuss 4.0.19 update today!

All New Back-end UI and Dialogs

EasyDiscuss backend
EasyDiscuss dialog

Apart from the usual bug fixes, we also added optimization and performed overall enhancements for EasyDiscuss.

For the longest time, the team has been wanting to unify the design and UI to be as identical as possible across all products, however it would be taxing and time consuming. 

We kicked start by porting over the styling of EasySocial 2.1 into the back-end and dialogs of EasyDiscuss first, and then work progressively from there. Doesn't it look more standardized and uniform now with the rest of our Joomla extensions? :)

Vanilla Template

​We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted their bug reports for Vanilla template. 

Works are still in progress especially for EasyDiscuss and EasyBlog, and Vanilla beta will be made available as soon as we get those issues sorted out. Should you find any styling issue or bug, you can always drop a ticket at our forums.

Quick Posting App for EasySocial 2.1 

Quick posting plugin

While the team is still in the midst of finalizing EasySocial 2.1, we have also added the Quick Posting app onto our demo site. Be sure to check it out and give this nifty plugin a spin! 

Tons of cool stuff are coming your way, stay tuned to our blog and have a great weekend folks! :)

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