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EasySocial 2.1 Available Now

EasySocial 2.1 Available Now

After almost 7500+ commits, and countless sleepless nights, it is finally here! It is an honor and brings me great pleasure to present you with the long awaited EasySocial 2.1 release. This will definitely be one of the greatest release ever for EasySocial.

There are just too many refinements in EasySocial 2.1 that I can't list them all here but these are just some of the highlights showcasing all these new features in EasySocial 2.1.

Verified Badges

Verified Badges

This helps user to identify and filter verified accounts within EasySocial 2.1, whether that particular user is a public figure, celebrity, an official organizations or a credible account your on the site.  When a user is verified, their display names would have the verified icon throughout the site. 


Reactions are pretty similar to likes, users are able to choose from 5 preset reactions such Happy, Love, Angry, Wow or Sad and react on any item from the activity stream.  

Activity Stream Reactions

Rich Media Editing

Editing Rich Media Items

Apart from having the ability to edit the story form from inevitable typos or grammars. You can now edit any content or caption on any rich media stream items easily. 

Audio Support 

Music Player

Users can now easily upload mp3 files, embed Spotify or SoundCloud links on their profile page, events or even within their groups. On top of that, users can also collaborate and create playlists of similar genres or moods for all occasions. 

Refined E-mail Templates

In this release, we have also tried to standardize e-mail templates generated by our extensions to have a unifying look across all of our Joomla extensions. 

Conditional Custom Fields

Conditional custom field for header

There are several core components within EasySocial and one of it is of course the custom fields and profile types. A lot of thoughts has been put in redesigning and revamping the custom fields workflow in EasySocial 2.1. 

Apart from just updating the custom fields, we also added the ability to create chain-able custom fields called "Conditional Custom Fields". This would allow you to setup highly interactive custom field workflows.

Twitch Videos

Twitch Videos

Recently Twitch videos are starting to get really viral, and in order to ensure that your site also gets these viral videos, we have added Twitch support in EasySocial 2.1. It allow users on the site to share Twitch video links. Believe it or not, when I was trying to capture a screenshot of the video, I ended up watching the full match (Hate the procrastination monkey in me) :|

The Horizon Theme 

Running on Horizon theme

Here's a brand new theme to tag along your awesome social network sites. Along with the brand new theme, we also spent a lot of our time understanding how template makers created template overrides, and we also restructured the wireframe theme to allow template developers to create custom overrides with as minimal codes possible.

Till date, EasySocial incorporates up to 6 different themes that you can choose from.

CleanTalk integration

Many site owners often have problems with spammers registering on the site and in order to offer a true anti spam registration check with CleanTalk, we have added a new CleanTalk app. You may download it for free from our App Store. The app also has a built-in post frequency control on the activity stream for for spammers detection.

Beautiful Text Based Avatars

Too many generic profile pictures on the site makes the site looking dull and boring? Say hello to text based avatars. This was initially implemented on EasyDiscuss, and we have taken this to the next level in EasySocial by generating these pictures on the fly. Now you don't have to worry about constantly asking your users to upload a profile picture :)

Text Based Avatars

Moderation Tools 

EasySocial Frontend Moderation

As your community grows, it would be rather tedious for site moderators to monitor every single items. What more, they need to login to the administration area which will wreck your nerve if they did anything wrong. With EasySocial 2.1, you may now give moderation rights to selective profile types that you trust! Believe me, it's really handy!

Subcategories! Yay!

Create a subcategory in groups
Subcategories Navigation

​EasySocial 2.1 now supports subcategories for groups, pages and events. With the new n-level hierarchy support in EasySocial 2.1, it would allow a greater use of groups, events and pages on your site.

These are just some of the highlights of EasySocial 2.1 and there are hundreds of other refinements and improvements made in EasySocial which you will find when you update to EasySocial 2.1. Moving on, I would also like to announce the availability of these new apps on our app store.

This nifty plugin displays 5 different and individual bubbles in a pop-up form, each representing 5 different apps being integrated on your story form. It allow users to quickly post anything anywhere.

For a limited time only, you can get this awesome plugin at the price of $35 which is selling at an introductory price. 

With the new LinkedIn single sign on integration in EasySocial 2.1, we have also added a new LinkedIn app that allow users to automatically push their status updates to LinkedIn, should they have the desire to do so. It works hand in hand with the rest of the single sign on providers like Facebook and Twitter.

The app will be made available at a one-time only payment of $25

LinkedIn Autoposting

Docker Plugin

Along with the refinements that we have added in EasySocial 2.1, we have also taken the time to refine the Docker plugin. It is so much faster and smoother on any browsers! It now also allows you to configure the colorization of the docker all through the settings.

Mobile Web Template 

One of my all time favorite, the mobile web template. The all new mobile web template is absolutely stunning and it integrates very well with some of the hybrid apps from our partners! Also, you may now customize the behavior of the mobile web template directly from the settings.

Thank You Beta Testers!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved directly or indirectly with the rigorous testing of EasySocial 2.1. Without your help, we'll definitely not be able to push this out as quickly as we could imagine.

Thank You!

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