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Voyager Template Released

Voyager Template Released

About 2 weeks ago, we announced the demo of Voyager - a multipurpose Joomla template while working at the same time with Vanilla template. Today, I am really happy to present you with the completion of our first collaboration efforts with ThemeButler, Voyager template is officially available on our apps store.

​For those of who have not already checked out our Voyager live demo, do check it out and give Voyager a try. 

Voyager Pre-orders

For those customers who pre-ordered voyager template, you may now proceed to your orders page to download the template.

Vanilla Demo

Before we end this awesome week, I would also like to share some progress of Vanilla. The team has put a lot of effort in designing this fabulous template and it was my honor to work together with our amazing team!

This time around, we decided to develop Vanilla over Helix framework instead (I believe this is something most of you have requested for). The main reason for building it over Helix is also because we needed to understand how template clubs design their templates to ensure better design integration with their frameworks. This would be the best time for us to learn :)

The vanilla demo site still requires some fine tuning until we approach the stable release of EasySocial 2.1. Also, we will be updating the demo site constantly with design updates for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento. 

​The pre order for Vanilla template ends on 14th October 2017, so grab it fast!

P/S: Just in case you missed the blog post about EasySocial 2.1 RC 2, you may find it here

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