Extension Updates! EasyBlog 5.3 Released! Tons of new exciting features and improvements... 馃寪 鉂わ笍 馃帀

EasyBlog 5.0.38 and EasyDiscuss 4.0.9 Updates

EasyBlog 5.0.38 and EasyDiscuss 4.0.9 Updates

Both of these releases is to address several known issues and to accommodate integration with the upcoming EasySocial 2.0 update. On the other hand, EasyBlog received a pretty cool feature and you can read more about it below.


Instant Articles Support

In EasyBlog, we added Instant Articles from Facebook which is trending on Facebook right now. It gives you the ability to share rich and engaging content for readers and it renders directly within Facebook without rendering a new browser. Readers could access articles almost instantly without needing to wait for the site to load before they are able to read the article. We believe that this feature will enhance your users experience and because 45% of the Internet uses Facebook, you would gain more traffic to your blog.


Also, along with these updates, we have improvised the usability of setting up EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss so you will need to download the new installers from your dashboard to install this new release. With the new installer, you no longer need to enter any API keys. It will and should work out of the box.


On a side note, we are pleased to announce that our site is now loaded fully on SSL. In non technical terms, you will be redirected to the https protocol if you try to access any non secure pages. If you encounter any issues with such redirection, please let us know by using the form below.



Setting Up Instant Articles Changelog For EasyBlog Changelog For EasyDiscuss




We had to push out EasyDiscuss 4.0.10 as there was an issue with the code that retrieves the latest version. 4.0.10 should be the latest of EasyDiscuss.


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I dont wish to update right now
How to disable update notification with update now button as coming in pink in administrator section


Ah okay I get what you mean now. Unfortunately there is no way to turn off notification information. I wouldn't even suggest turning that off too

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Mark Mark

Thats slight strict
even joomla inbuild system has a feature to turn off update

actually - there are whole lot of customizations done - it would just be too difficult to keep up the same or perform again post update

Would it be possible to post in a hack which file in administration/discuss and blog do i need to edit for disabling update now button, that would just make life ease

i dont want to click on update button by mistake


Hm, you have a valid point there but adding more options / settings is not something that I am looking forward to though.

Let's see what we can do in the upcoming releases

It is impossible for me to download any file from my dashboard.
Please check the support ticket request I posted in your CRM

I have already replied you on your ticket

Nice work guys, A step closer to a faster Joomla blog. Had been looking for ways to implement AMP with EB, hope its in your roadmap

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Akashlal Akashlal

AMP is a little trickier as it involves a ton of modifications, probably when we work on a major release.

Ahh, I just wish the internet becomes super-fast and super-cheap for everyone

I wish for that too but I guess in 5 - 10 years, it'll be different altogether. Perhaps internet should be free for everyone

Can we/(you - us together) write plugin adapter to generate AMP code from Composer element it self?
and use it like we have feeds and all?
Just plain AMP Pages for Blog ?view=reader&type=amp
and load it with tmpl=component (remove all other modules and everything) nice?

Sure, we are always open to discussions. Please start a new thread at https://stackideas.com/forums/easyblog/feature-requests and would definitely love to hear your ideas.

Idea is to create
Template for all

Toolbar, and categories with AMP markup and put it under wireframe theme
and when you hit ?format=amp with url option

Bingo You sir have reached bonus level of AMP !!!
What do you say?

I can contribute, but I will need some help, as this is hell lots of code in your themes, and we need only that what we require.

We can add must have SEO feature of AMP by default in EasyBlog.

What do you say?

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