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ConverseKit 1.1.2 Update

ConverseKit 1.1.2 Update

As we enter the third week into 2018, we have a maintenance update available for ConverseKit. 

ConverseKit 1.1.2 update includes a new feature, Emoji support which was requested so many times. The rest were mostly minor bug fixes such as EasySocial ACL settings compliance, improved mobile view display and so on. 

Upgrading to ConverseKit 1.1.2 is actually pretty simple, you could either upgrade directly from the back-end via Joomla extension update page or download the full installer from your dashboard and then upload it through your Joomla backend installer page.

If you need any assistance with this upgrade at all, just get in touch with us on our forums and our support guys will assist you. You could also refer to ConverseKit changelog button below to see the entire changes and fixes applied.

Whopping 20% Discount

​Just in case you might not be aware of this, ConverseKit has been a recurring subscription plan. Which means you will be billed as soon as your subscription runs out, otherwise you may cancel it at any time before your next subscription kicks in.

If you are looking for ways to renew or you were subscribed to our ConverseKit pre-order plan previously, you can still enjoy some discount on the next following bill. We would recommend subscribing to the new ConverseKit subscription plan with the coupon code CK112 to get 20% off on your purchase. On top of that, you will get to enjoy loyalty discounts on your next bill for being an awesome supporter.

Welcomes New Translators 

After delaying for over a year simply due to time constraints, we are finally able to get our Transifex account sorted out. Hence, we are pleased to welcome new translators joining our ConverseKit translation project.

Feel free to register an account and submit your application here and we will then hand pick new translators to join our ConverseKit project. If the language that you are looking is not available, not to worry. You could also submit a request for that particular language.

​What's next? We will be sharing more about EasyBlog 5.2 on the next post, so stay tuned. 


Comments (11)

wow amazing thanks! i wrote this many times :D and mark you rock! Saw your interview on facebook. a inhouse App solution from you would be great. Appcarvers are terrible.

Thanks joy!

Perfect! :)

Thanks Pavol :)

how can i renew my converskit subscription. i do not find any renew button in my dashboard.
my subscription ends on 21. january

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by n00bster n00bster

Could you send a ticket to or and we will guide you from there? :)

done - via support forum

Thanks n00bster!

Is the coupon code still valid? I tried but it didn't work.

Never mind, I wasn't subscribed to ConverseKit pre-order plan.

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Roberto Santos Roberto Santos

Hi Roberto,

Unfortunately, the coupon code is no longer valid. I'm really sorry. :(

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