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JD Consult Template for EasyBlog

JD Consult Template for EasyBlog

It's finally Friday and we would like to introduce to you a brand new template exclusively designed for EasyBlog, by none other than the awesome team of JoomDev

Introducing JD Consult

JD Consult template was built for multipurpose websites, especially if you are running consultancy, e-commerce or any similar sites. The developers of JD Consult have made this template with intensity, kept many things in their mind at the time of development. It is an apt choice for peoples who want a simple, clean and professional web design.

Their team has carefully designed the blog section because it is really important to educate your visitors, audience or users about your products and services. And when you have a good blog layout and a team of authors skilled at writing quality content, it will definitely boost your sales. As a matter of fact, authors or bloggers will only need to focus mainly on their content, while the rest will be managed and taken care by EasyBlog and the template. 

While it is important to share with our audience to convert them into your customers, but a beautifully designed blog can help you retain visitors and your quality content can help you to convert the retained audience into your loyal customers.

Enjoy 15% Discount 

If you are interested or this caught your attention, you are in for a treat. JoomDev is also offering 15% discount on all of their Joomla Templates and Club memberships with this coupon code: STACK15. So, what are you waiting for? :) 


Comments (8)

Very clean and best template yet. I'm thinking about it :-)


Hi @Sylvie and @Mark,
Thanks a lot for including JD Consult on your blog.
Hope easyblog user will love this.

Team JoomDev

Thanks for building an awesome template Naveen. :)

Another question guys. Do you prepare or have a GDPR solution for EasySocial to be used for Stackidea customers?

We heard about the new GDPR rules but have not started implemented this just yet because we are still very unfamiliar with GDPR (We are not from the EU)

Perhaps we could get a discussion going regarding GDPR and how it affects your site, it would be awesome.

Is there a demo for the template- how can I see it.

Hi Calvin,

Have you checked out yet? :)

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