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New in Komento 4.0

Redesigned User Interface
The entire user interface throughout Komento has been redesigned.
Dynamic Comment Placements
Configure Komento to appear as inline, left or right section of the screen.
Accent Colors
Themes in Komento is now replaced by 5 different accent colors.
Likes & Dislikes
Komento 4.0 now allow users to like and dislike comments.
Live Notifications
Be notified immediately as soon as someone posts a new comment on the page.
Use mentions to mention other users to get them in the loop.
Emoji Browser 🥰
Proper emoji picker to allow users to pick their emojis.
GIPHY & Stickers
Embed GIPHY & Stickers from GIPHY in the thread to make it more interactive and lively.
Dark Mode
New dark mode to blend into existing dark Joomla templates.
Spoiler Tags
Use spoiler tags with the built-in editor to hide contents.
E-mail Digest
Notifications will only be sent to the user periodically.
Avatar Shapes
Choose between square or rounded avatars for users.
Joomla 3.x & Joomla 4.x Support
Works out of the box with Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x
Redesigned Administration Area
Redesigned administration section for a more unifying look throughout our extensions.
Integrates with hCaptcha to prevent spammers from posting spam comments.
Honepot Trap
Implemented similar honeypot traps to trap bots from posting spams.
Spam Source
You can now view the provider that flagged spam comments from the spams list.
Import & Export Settings
Export settings from one site to another if you have multiple sites powered by Komento.
FontAwesome v5
Updated to FontAwesome v5 and ability to switch off FontAwesome.
Redesigned Setup Experience
The setup experience in Komento has been redesigned to have similar look & feel.
Foundry Framework
Foundry framework which provides a seamless user interface across our extensions.
J2 Store
Added commenting integrations with J2 Store.
DP Calendar
Added commenting integrations with DP Calendar.
Added commenting integrations with Joom Gallery.
PHP 8.x Support
Komento now Supports 7.x & 8.x
Performance Optimization
Up to 100% smaller javascript file sizes compared to prior versions
Top Rated Articles
Generates a list of articles on the site that is highly rated.

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